Diesel's Annual Draft Review Ramblings


Well that's the dust sheet off the Dieselometer, the sparkplugs cleaned and the helmet polished so once again we are good to go. Like GERS, the methodology of the Draft Review is constantly being updated, and this year as well as taking the average draft predictions of over 70 (yes folks, seventy!) fanatsy experts as usual, I have factored in the data from about 50 actual drafts which have been submitted into Fantasy World by other fantasy leagues, mainly in the USA. Some of these leagues are PPR leagues which is different scoring system from ours, but I felt that a variable added a little spice to the mixture. Each position (QB, RB, WR and K) has a rank (A,B,C or D), and the grading is calculated as an average of your choice in any particular position, so for example if you draft Matty Ryan (#5) and Eli Manning (#17) as your QBs, then that gives you a QB rating of 11 (22/2). I then factor in grading of your starters if any of them is considered "elite" in their position, (ie if they are in top ten of their position, five for Kickers and Tight Ends.) The lower the grading, the better,. Let me do you a live one...Arnhall Dolphins: Russell Wilson (#4) plus Andy Dalton (#16) 4+16=20/2=10 -2 (Wilson is considered "elite") =8 Cove Bay Pirates: Phil Rivers (#15) plus Matt Stafford (#14) 15+14= 29/2= 15 (neither is elite) So from that example we can see that both Rivers and Stafford are considered better than Dalton, but not as good as Wilson, so Madfish has a better QB grading than the Pirates. THEN the top three teams in each position are given an *A* rating for that position, the next three get a *B* and so on.

Anyway, oft we jolly well go.

 Bon Accord Division:

Argyll Apaches: The player that Geronimo coveted most of all was Le'Veon Bell, and the unexpected promotion of Antonio Brown to #1 pick made that possible. The Apaches now have a punchy running back combo that should put a lotta points up. A double dunter was Julio Jones falling to the second round....Jones was pencilled as #1 pick if as expected Bell wasn't available in round. A good draft! QB: C RB:A WR:A K:A Overall:A Scunthopre Steelers: Ah, I think that Adamski let his heart rule his head here. With his beloved Raiders now back in Oakland, you KNEW that he would come a'callin' and take one of the Siver & Black, and with Derek Carr not available, it just had to be Marshawn Lynch. This is a huge gamble here; there were much better RBs available in DeMarco Murray and Todd Gurley, but if perhaps, just perhaps Lynch finds that the years rest he had has has galvanised him, yours truly could be left with egg on his face. Aside from that gripe, the Steelers have a play-off look about them again this year. QB:D RB:B WR:C K:B O/A:B Wrecking Crew: There is a degree of risk about the Wreckers draft choices this year....Ryan & Gordon should be fine, but Gronk needs to be the man of two years ago and needs to stay fit for the season, whilst a lot will depend on how Christian McCaffrey adapts to the Pro's, and two rookie kickers? Not a move I would have considered. The wide-outs look a little lightweight also. Still, there is a huge upside if the rookies prosper. QB: C RB:C WR:C K:D O/A:D 2 Minute Drillers: Brees will rack up points for the Commish, as will Todd Gurley but a lot will dependend on LeGarrette Blount tho. He seems to be a good fit for the Philly offense and two dozen TDs in the last two years shows he knows his way into the end-zone and he will see plenty of the ball, but Carson Wentz is no Tom Brady, so he may find the line stacked against him a bit more than he did in Boston. Jim has also drafted a couple of rookie wide-outs, pretty much no-names... but so were Julio Jones and AJ Green when the Drillers drafted them a few years ago. In Jimbo we trust. QB:B RB:D WR:D K:A O/A:C.  Divisional Total: 4xA,3XB, 5XC, 4XD.

Bon Accord Div Winners: Argyll Apaches. Wild Card: Scunthorpe Steelers, 2 Minute Drillers.


Granite Division:

Arnhall Dolphins: In the Diesel's opinion, Madfish has been the most consistently good drafter in recent years...  never seems to take a risk, never seems to make an error, and this year is no exception to that (Commish's note.. difficult to take a risk when someone else is calling your draft from a cheat sheet !!). There is depth there at the quarterback and running back positions, tho' Zeke Elliot may be missed if he does end up being suspended. This team has the talent to go all the way. QB:A RB:A WR:B K:C O/A:A Cove Bay Pirates: A rookie mistake by the rookie with his first everl ALFF draft....the unwritten rule of drafting is that unless you have a blue chip quarterback in situ, NEVER pick a wideout with your first pick, you choose instead his quarterback, as Roethlisberger will pick up the same points that Antonio Brown will, plus more for scores to other players. Having said that, the rest of the squad looks steady enough, but in the Granite Division, steady may not be enough! If it is any consolation for Coach Inkster, pretty much every rookie coach has a torrid first season, but learn very quickly how the ALFF "works." Unless of course you are "GI Joe" Kennedy who had a torrid 2nd 3rd 4th etc etc seasons! QB:A RB:D WR:D K:C O/A:D Deevale Desperados: Most unusual to see Ronnie draft so high, and as you would expect it was a sound one. The Granite Division (according to the Deiselometer) will be strongest one in the league this year...plus la change, plus c'est la meme chose, and you have to draft well when you deal with the heavyweights that inhabit the GD, and I think that the Dans may be a notch or two off the pace, but outwith their own division, they should win more than they lose. QB:B RB:C WR:A K:D O/A:B Kincorth Killers: Landing Tom Brady was a huge boost for Junior Geach, and his "back of the fag packet" style of drafting looks like it worked again. Dez Bryant is a favourite and he returned to Geacher Towers and he should form a dangerous wideout trio along with Mike Evans and Alshon Jeffrey. Joe Mixon looks pro-ready, so Andrew will be happy chappy with this draft. QB:B RB:B WR:A K:B O/A:A Divisional Total: 5XA, 5XB, 3XC, 3XD.

 Granite Division: Winners: Kincorth Killers/Arnhall Dolphins (The Deiselometer had them graded 151.1 and 151.2 respectively!) W/C: Dolphins/ Killers, Desperados.


Pittodrie Division :

Caledonia Express: I thought Marty picked Mark Ingram at least one round to soon, but if Mike Gillislee turns into this years LeGarrette Blount with the Pats, then there will be points to be had with this duo, and whilst Marty's long standing issues at QB seem to have been resolved, the receiving corps look to a bit lightweight, and this may prevent CalX from making a proper punt at the Division Pennant. QB:B RB:C WR:D K:B O/A:C Garthdee Gryphons: Difficult to get a handle on this one... I think that Donnie has had a functional draft and they have 7-6/6-7 plastered all over them... Randall Cobb could be a steal, and there is points in every position, but is there enough points? Devonta Freeman needs to show he has no Superbowl hangover, and he needs to hit the ground running, literally. QB:D RB:D WR:C K:C O/A:C Laurel Lions: Difficult job this repeat malarkey, but Coach Hamilton has given himself a fighting chance of getting into the playoffs. The running backs look capable, the wideouts look steady, but I don't see a shed load of points in this team, but I feel that Lamaar Miller has a huge upside, and if he prospers in Houston, so will the Lions. In saying all that, I'm not entirely sure that Coach Hamilton will give two hoots to my estimation of his chances this year as the Dieselometer gave him scant praise last year, and he went on to win the whole damn thing! QB:C RB:B WR:D K:D O/A:D Westburn Blades. As Stuie continues his missionary work with the natives of whereverheisthismonth, the lack of electricity, running water and civilisation had not dented his drafting skills. There is a glaring weakness in the QB position which may prevent the Blades from being genuine Bowl contenders, but could this be Derek Carr's year in Oakland? I know Coaches rickaby & McGeachy Jnr have bigged up the Blades chances this year, but I am not so sure as they appear to be. QB: D RB:A WR:B K:B O/A:B Divisional Total: 1XA, 5XB, 4XC, 6XD.

Pittodrie Division: Winners: Westburn Blades W/C: Caledonia Express.


What does it all mean? I think the Bowl will be between the Apaches and the Killers or the Dolphins. A Geacher Bowl Bowl? We shall see! My personal Wild Card wild card? Prior to Thursdays game I was plumping for the Blades over the CalX, but now I think that with a wee bit of luck on their side, I'm looking at CalX with Gillislee to be the spoiler.