Diesel's  Annual Draft Stab (thru the rearview mirror) In Dark



Welcome to The Diesel's annual Draft Report and predictions for the forthcoming season, an event I am sure that you value and treasure almost as much as the Draft itself. Well, maybe.
The Dieselometer (Pat Pending, not) has been taken from its place of rest beside the golfclubs in the cupboard under the stairs and given a quick dust down and it is ready to go yet one more time. Not by way of apology, (tho' perhaps it should be) a quick word on the methodology that I use. My main source of the data is the RotoWorld Draft Cheat, a "poll of polls" as it were which uses 120odd other draft previews to arrive at a consensus popular poll. What I do is this:

I take your highest ranked QBx1, RBX2 and WR+TEx4.... not necessary by how YOU drafted them, but how RotoWorld grades them. THEN I take back-ups QB x2, RBsx2, WR+TEx3, and using a slightly different formula to decide your teams strength in depth and add that to the starters equation. For example the best rated RB combo in the league is Wellington Rising's Barkley & McCaffrey, but they have is a lack of depth in that position and almost lost their top spot to the Killers who, tho' their starting duo is not as highly rated as the Risings, almost squeezed them out of top spot thanks to better back ups.... OK? THEN I add in the kickers and the D. Each team has a grading for each of the three skill positions, then an overall grading.


Argyll Apaches: No real outstanding strengths, no real weaknesses, a steady draft. If Mayfield lights up the NFL, Coach Geach may regret not drafting Beckham Jnr with his first pick.
QB: B-
RB: A-
WRs: A+
Team: B+

Scunthorpe Steelers: Aaron Jones looks like it was a reach with pick #1, only ranked 16th in RBs, BUT Adamski has form in picking RB’s. Time will tell if he has got it on the money again.
RB: D (don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger!)
WR: B-
ST: A+
Team: C+

Wellington Rising: Traditionally rookie coaches struggle in their first season. Kirk Cousins better stay healthy, and there was higher rated QBs available.
QB: D+
RB: A+
WRs: C+
ST: D+

Two Minute Drillers: Saying nowt. Every time…. EVERY freakin' time I give Jimbo a lower draft grading, he tans me erse.
QB: B+
RB: C (Gurley...… if he approaches last year's form, this grading will look stooooopid)
WRs: A
ST: C-
Team: A+

Bon Accord Pennant Winners: Two Minute Drillers



Arnhall Dolphins:  I can see why Coach Sutherland drafted rookie RBs Jacobs & Montgomery whilst Zeke was on a hold out, but I personally would have gone for a WR with pick #4, Alshon Jeffrey, Mike Evans or Robert Wood were all available to bolster a weak looking receiving corps.
RB: A-

Broch Bobcats:
No star names in this outfit, and some seasoned vets in the receiving corps. Could be a difficult first season for Rudi.
RB: D+
ST: B-
Team: D+=

JL8: Always difficult to repeat. I think Coach Crankshaft's season is dependent on Lamar Jackson continuing to improve and his rookie runners to hit the ground running.
QB: C-
RBs: D-
ST: A-
Team: D+=

Kincorth Killers:
Brady at #5 could be the steal of the draft with the news of Antonio Brown joining the Pats. Strength at RB also.
ST: B+
Team: A

Granite Division Pennant Winners: Kincorth Killers



Caledonia Express: One thing is for sure, the draft is never boring when Marty's about. This team could win the Bowl, but could equally finish 3-10. The receiving corps is a walk in the dark.
QB: A-
WR: D-
Team: D (or A?)


Garthdee Gryphons: Whilst Marty was neglecting his receivers, bro' Donny was doing the same with his QBs.....Garroppollo is a reach as a starter, especially when Dak was still available.
QB: D-
RB: B-
Team: B-

Laurel Lions:  
First impression is of a strong starting team, but with weak cover in all positions. A lot rests on the shoulders of Rodgers.
QB: C+
ST: C+
Team: C+


Westburn Blades:  Excellent draft by the artist formerly known as The Milkboy, tho' Mrs Jones from 23, Acacia Gardens might have a different opinion.
QB: A+
RB: B+
WR: B+
ST: C+
Team: A-

Pittodrie Division Pennant Winners: Westburn Blades.

In conclusion - 

Bon-Accord Division Winner: 2 Minute Drillers
Granite Division Winner: Kincorth Killers
Pittodrie Division Winner: Westburn Blades

Wild Cards: Argyll Apaches, Scunthorpe Steelers, Arnhall Dolphins & Garthdee Gryphons.

Bowl Winners: Killers over the Blades
Before the Antonio Brown move to the Pats, I had the Drillers over the Blades, but I have got to say there is a wafer thin mint between these three teams.