Founded 1992



The Aberdeen League Of Fantasy Football has been active since 1992 when the eight founding owners got into the Fantasy spirit with 3 weeks of the NFL season already underway. Over the years the names filling the rosters have totally changed although there are a few who have left an indelible mark on the fantasy landscape.   Listed below are the ALFF Hall of Fame players who have made a telling impact on the fantasy scene. Nominated players must be retired for 3 seasons to qualify.


Sterling Sharpe 1992-1995

Arguably the best fantasy wide-out ever,  Sterling Sharpe burst onto the scene in 1992 with the 2 Minute Drillers where he set the standard for all to follow with a stunning 39 pts. In doing so he pipped higher profile rival Jerry Rice for the inaugural wide receiving title. In 1993 he lined up in the colours of the Wounded Knee Massacre and in another 30 point  campaign was a major factor in coach Meres first Bowl runner-up effort,  although over the season he was outgunned by Rice in the individual stakes. The following year Sharpe was the team leader on a rookie Riverside Rockets squad where his 33 pts won him team MVP honours. A serious neck injury forced his premature retirement in 1995. In three short seasons he amassed a hugely impressive 102 regular season points whilst becoming the first receiver to make many ALFF owners look beyond the then traditional NFL powerhouse outfits for their wide-out talent. Sterling made all ALFF as a starter in each of the 3 seasons he played.


Barry Foster 1992-1995

What Sterling Sharpe did for unsung wide receivers Barry Foster did for RB's on unfashionable ( Channel 4 style) clubs. Picked up in the mid rounds of the 1992 draft by the 2 Minute Drillers Foster quickly established himself as a workhorse fantasy back who put points on the board regularly. In 1993 he was picked up by the Rosemount Wreckers and was the rock upon which the coaches McConnachie built their title triumph. He saw the 1993 rushing title wrenched from his grasp in the final week of regular season action and in a late fade ironically missed out on the Wreckers ALFF Bowl 1 triumph over the Wounded Knee Massacre. Barry returned to the champions line-up in 1994 but failed to attain the heights of his first two seasons. In 1995 he was party to a protracted contract dispute with the Steelers but such was his standing in ALFF circles that  despite being technically un-signed by an NFL outfit he occupied a spot on the fledgling Hardgate Hustle roster for most of the season.  Foster was an all ALFF  selection in 92 ,as a back-up, and again in 93 as starter.

Marcus Allen 1992-1997

Marcus Allen's inauspicious start to  ALFF football was as a back-up to Rodney Hampton on a 4-10 Nigg Bay Nightmare roster but his fantasy career took off with a move to the expansion Bucksburn Bulls in 1993. Coach Westland was the only one prepared to gamble Marcus' NFL move from Los Angeles to Kansas City was not the beginning of a downward spiral in the RB's fortunes and he was rewarded with a League best 66pts rushing that saw Marcus steal the individual title honours for the season. He featured again for the Bulls in 1994 and although not nearly as effective  was still a name opposing coaches eyed with concern. A poor 1995 campaign for the  durable Allen had a silver lining in the shape of ALLF Bowl ring with the up and coming Riverside Rockets and a year later he re-discovered his scoring habit on a Hardgate Hustle side that won it's first ever honours in the shape of the Bon Accord Division title. Marcus ground out one last trademark campaign with a 45pt effort in 11 appearances for the fledgling Kincorth City Chiefs. When he bowed out of ALFF action his 203 regular season points total was 4th best all time for a running back. Allen was an All ALFF selection as a starter in 93 and again as back-up in 97.

Steve Young 1992-1999

The first player drafted in ALFF history fittingly became the first QB to make it to the ALFF Hall of Fame. Young  underlined his fantasy value by almost single handedly guiding the Caledonia Express to all 5 wins in a mediocre CalX 1992 inaugural campaign and along the way Steve's stunning ability to bolster his healthy passing totals with scrambling TD's aided  the signal-caller to the 1992 passing title. It was no surprise when he was the 1st player taken again by new boys the Bucksburn Bulls in the expansion 1993 draft and with the aid of fellow ALFF HOF'er Marcus Allen,   Young took the Bulls to the play-offs in their 1st competitive season. Despite a then PO record 18pts for a QB,  Steve saw his side lose out 47-48 to a fired up Laurelwood Lemmings but had the consolation  of bagging his second straight ALFF passing title. Ironically the following year , Young, once again the first player chosen,  was picked up by the newly re-named coach Bothwell outfit the Berryden Blitz and the passer was on fire as he blazed his way to a QB record breaking 119 regular season points but once again the supporting cast was not up to the task and the left armed passer saw his Bowl hopes crushed in another one and out play-off campaign.  95 saw Young re-united with coach Marty Garioch at the Caledonia Express but the first of a series of injuries limited Steve's ability and he could do little but watch as upstart Brett Favre romped away with an ALFF passing title that Young had owned since 92. After two injury plagued years with the Drillers and Diablos respectively,  Steve bounced back to form in 98 with a record breaking 4th ALFF passing title with the Hardgate Hustle which also netted him a first League MVP honour. However his incredible luckless run of 6 losses in 6 play-off appearances held good as coach Cruickshank's side tumble out at the first time of asking in the 3rd Rd. Young spent a limited final competitive season with the CalX in 1999. Steve was an All ALFF starter at QB from 92 thru' 95 and again in 98.



Andre Rison 1992-1998

If there's an argument against first ALFF Hall of Fame inductee WR Sterling Sharpe being the best fantasy WR of all time, one of the few alternatives would have to be pass catcher extraordinaire Andre Rison.  Indeed over the first two years of ALFF competition, including play-off football,  the brash WR actually outscored his more highly touted rival. Andre announced his arrival on the fantasy scene in spectacular fashion with a benchmark 3 TD , 12pt showing in the very  first weekend of ALFF competition.  In a stunning first season's effort  Rison went on to elevate the status of  players from unfashionable NFL sides and played a big part in the Akron Aardvarks inaugural title triumph, although he was just shaded for the individual receiving title by a single TD. In 1993 Andre was drafted by the 2 Minute Drillers and he was a feature player in the commissioners crew's first ever winning season as he finished runner-up for a second straight campaign in the individual honours. The following year Rison was picked up by the Ashgrove Astronoughts where he dipped below the 30pt barrier for the first time over the season but he was still good enough to make all ALFF,  albeit as "just" a back-up. In 1995 coach Rickaby took Andre back to the Drillers but despite unswerving support from the coaching staff, the wide-out could not recapture his blue chip form in a difficult season. Over the next three years Rison surfaced briefly at the Gryphons, Diablos and finally the Hardgate Hustle but there was simply no more gas in the tank as one of the games more mercurial talents faded from view.

Barry Sanders 1992-1998

RB Barry Sanders was a talent unlike no other and the ultimate challenge to any coach brave enough to draft him. Over the seven seasons he featured as an ALFF starter the sensational No 20 swung between All ALFF starter and the Bust select with virtually no middle ground in between. Barry was a notoriously slow starter even in his good years but on almost every play , despite what had gone before, he was always likely to unleash a big one all the way to he house. To play him was to court 4 or 5 straight games without a score, to drop him was to risk missing out on a stunning 3 TD extravaganza. Sanders started his ALFF career with coach Bothwell's 3rd & 30's in the League's inaugural season and in what was to become a recurring theme the 2nd player taken overall looked like bust material as he struggled scoreless through the opening 4 weeks. However a triple TD Wk 5 showing confirmed his fantasy credentials and he settled down to become a big factor in the 3rd & 30's , 3rd ranked 8-6 campaign, en route to a starting slot in the first ever All ALFF select. The following year he was still under coach B's tutelage at the renamed Laurelwood Lemmings but had a season long slum that ended with a rare injury and the ignominy of a spot on the 1993 Bust Select. After every other coach in the League had turned down the prospect of taking Sanders in the 1994 draft Andy Meres picked up the frustrating luxury RB but he did little of note in a talent laden Title winning Wounded Knee Massacre roster although a trademark 18pt showing in the 3rd Rd of the play-offs undoubtedly aided the WKM cause. Over the next three campaigns Barry truly established himself as a Hall of Fame talent . Back under the Bothwell banner at the Berryden Blitz in 95, Sanders exploded in the second half of the season , carrying his side to their first Division title with a rash of big plays but alas he again failed to score in his 2nd Bowl appearance as he picked up a runner-up medal. Controversially Barry did not make All ALFF in 1995 but he did become the first RB to land the League Big Play MVP individual title. In 1996 he made it all the way to the Bowl again with another late season explosion as he played a big part in the Danestone Diablos finest ever 10-3  campaign but this time he banished his Bowl blues with an Bowl MVP performance that included a Bowl record 54 Yd TD run. With his stock as high as it had ever been Sanders was the Garthdee Gryphons top pick in 1997 and after yet another slow start he more than justified his selection with an All ALFF year that included no fewer than 5 scoring plays in the 50 yds plus category. Unfortunately for Barry he had little support elsewhere on the Gryphons roster. A share of the Big Play MVP individual title was his only reward for his highest ever 72pt scoring effort. In 1998 he moved over to the struggling Argyll Apaches but the spark seemed to have gone and Sanders effectively signed out with a All Bust effort.

Emmitt Smith 1992- 2002

Emmitt   Smith was the first real dominant week in week out running  back in the ALFF league and was the  driving force behind the Akron Aardvarks sweeping to the inaugural ALFF title in 92. In the process Smith bagged the first League MVP title and set  all the scoring marks in his 1st season.  A first  All ALFF  appearance as a starter in the League’s opening campaign was clearly a given. Emmitt was the epitome of the “automatic” score RB with multiple TD’s a regular feature of his performance in his headline seasons if you were playing against him and “escaped” with just  1 TD against his name on the score-sheet, you could count that as a let-off.  He was the second player taken in the 1993 draft when he switched to Caledonia Express and although less effective in the colors of the “other” Garioch team  he still made all ALFF in an injury hit season as Marty’s boys bagged  the BA Division title.  Picked by coach Michie for the Danestone Diablos in 94 Smith inspired the  2nd season outfit to a League best 10-3 record before a shock 3rd loss to the 2 Minute Drillers ended their title ambitions but not before No 22  had become the  1st RB to break the 100 pt mark in regular season competition and not surprisingly for the League top scorer he scooped the League MVP honors  for the 2nd time in the League’s first 3 seasons.  1995 perhaps marked the highpoint of his ALFF career as the runner headed back to the Gryphons once again at the 2nd player taken in the overall draft . Over the course of a very competitive campaign for the Birds, Smith scored an amazing  132 pts (a RB single season record that stood  for 10 years until knocked off by Sean Alexander 2005) ….. set the still unbeaten new single game record  for all positions with 30 points… scored in each Rd of the play-off’s from the 1st to the 3rd….. but could not carry the Birds to the Bowl in what proved to be the closet he got to playing in the big game.  The battling runner  dropped  off  a little in 96 despite being  the first player taken in the overall draft although by today’s standards his 63 RS pts in 12 outings in the Apaches first season in the League would be a title touting standard.  Back in 1996 that was not good enough to  make All ALFF even as  a back-up. Emmitt’s slight downward movement did not deter the Rosemount Wreckers from spending their 4th slot , 1st Rd pick on the then League all time top scorer . For once No 22  failed to live up to his billing and was a outright bust with only  3 TD’s to his name in a barren campaign. Perhaps sensing his days as a blue chip RB were behind coaches around the League allowed  Smith’s name to slip  down the draft board as far as the 3rd Rd in 1998 until old coach Donny could not resist the temptation to get his old favorite back in a Gryphons uniform and  he was rewarded with a now trademark 10 TD plus season which was good enough for a return  as an All Alff back up. The now greybeard runner posted  a repeat performance in 99 again , although on that occasion the move cost  Donny the 6th pick overall.  His 9th season in the League in 2000 proved to be one campaign to far as the Diablos  saw a moderate  return for the  8th overall pick but his 6TD’s did see Emmitt  just break the 600 RS points barrier. Over 2001 and 2002 Smith still proved to be a hard name to ignore on the draft board despite his obvious decline but only 1TD in six outings (again with the Gryphons) followed by 1 score 3 starts for the CalX in 02 proved to be his competitive swansong.  Appropriately it ended where it all began with one last season on a coach Donny roster  in 2003 as the durable (but unsigned in NFL terms) RB was  picked up by opportunist Birds  in 9th Rd on the off chance he was picked up  by  some team in the NFL but ultimately was never used. On retiring Emmitt held all scoring and appearance  records for the RB position except for the longest play from scrimmage.

Marshall Faulk 1994- 2005

Marshall Faulk’s impact on the League was eye-catching and immediate as he set a new SOW record 18pts in Wk 1 of his 1994 rookie season but he proved to be something of a enigma for the title bound Wounded Knee Massacre taking until Week 8 before he finally registered his first ALFF score, a stunning 85 Yd catch and run that set the tone for later in his fantasy career. The runner played on the Massacre’s ALFF Bowl 2 winning side but in truth was little more than a coach Meres project, albeit with huge upside,in his first season. That potential was more fully realised in 1995 when Faulk repaid coach Wood’s investment as his 1995 1st Rd draft choice (4th player taken overall) with a pivotal 63pt season that saw the Riverside Rockets land their first ever ALFF title success as the ball carrier made it two Bowl successes on the bounce and a first All ALLF selection. However for a spell it looked as if Marshall would fall into the category of being one of those plethora of bright young talents that simply fade away without fulfilling their initial promise as he struggled through a grim 3 year stretch . The “misery” began with an injury hit campaign for the Bucksburn Bulls in ’96 that ended in the ignominy of making his first All Bust select a fate he only just avoided repeating when coach Meres found a place for his old favourite in 1997. Such had the ball carrrier’s stock fallen that he slid to the Riverside Rockets in the 3rd Rd of the 98 draft and after a stuttering start that suggested another frustrating season, coach Wood pulled the plug and traded Marshall to the Wounded Knee Massacre. Coach Meres immediately passed his old prodigy on to the Rosemount Wreckers where in truth he languished in the role of a back-up to an already established and productive RB combo. An NFL move to the St Louis Rams raised Marshall’s stock back to potential blue chip level and he was 9th player taken overall by coach McDougall in 99 where he duly put up some reasonable if not electrifying numbers in a struggling Ashgrove Astro’s side. Some pundits thought that may have been the runner’s swan song after 6 seasons in the League but they could not have been more wrong. Now settled in at St Louis the runner simply dominated the League in 2000. Selected by coach Gordon Fyfe as 9th player taken overall, Marshall’s 79 RS pts allied to 36pts in the PO’s (including a then 3rd Rd record of 21pts)were the backbone of the Kincorth City Chiefs drive to the 00 title with the ball carrier a runaway winner of the League MVP title.He simultaneously lay the Running Back title jinx to rest as he became the first RB champion to gain a Bowl winners medal . Not surprisingly he was the first player taken in the 2001 draft and promptly repeated his previous year’s performance to inspire the Rosemount Wreckers to their 3rd Steven Wood trophy success. Again Faulk bagged the individual rushing title on his way to becoming the first player ever to record back to back League MVP honours with another big 3rd Rd PO performance thrown in for good measure. His 4th success in 4 Bowl appearances set an as yet unsurpassed mark for RB’s with only WR Tim Brown & QB Brett Favre able to claim more Bowl outings although each are tied with Marshall for a record equalling 4 winners gongs.In 2002 he was the 1st player taken overall for the 2nd straight year and the first ever draft pick by coach Stu Bothwell but after a bright start, a dip in form led to his benching and there was some evidence of a decline in output. The RB did show his top form on occasion but his best performances now seemed to come in spurts.His two year domination of the League kept Faulk’s stock high and definitely a 1st Rounder , going as 2nd player taken to Argyll Apaches in ’02 and as 11th overall for a second spell with the Rosemount Wreckers the following year but the numbers were now not matching the hype and in his final season in the League he was picked up as “you never know gamble ” way down in the 9th Round by the Danestone Diablos. At the time of his induction Marshall Faulk stands alone as the only RB Title winner to go on to Bowl success a feat he managed no once but twice and is arguably the best all round pass catching runner in ALFF history.

Brett Favre 1992- 2010

Before the Noughties NFL rule changes inflated  the QB and his impact there was Brett Favre. The gun-slinging passer was the first signal-caller to elevate the position to an equal of the big backs that dominated the early ALFF seasons and by the time he retired at the end of our 19th season he led the League in ALL appearance and scoring categories. In a remarkable coincidence Favre made his NFL debut on the very first day of ALFF action but as a back-up to Don Majkowksi,  he had not been selected  in the first ever League draft. The Nigg Bay Nightmare picked up Brett in the inaugural seasons 2nd Supplementary Draft and the passer was handed the starting job for the last two games of a play-off less 1992 campaign. Favre was selected by coach McDougall in 1993 but was second stringer to John Elway for most of a middle of the road Ashgrove Astro's season before coming under the tutelage of coach Andy Meres  when he exploded on to the scene by leading the Wounded Knee Massacre to an ALFF Bowl 2 success over the 2 Minute Drillers that featured a triple TD Bowl MVP showing. Brett's partnership with the WKM continued unbroken for a further two seasons during which the QB ended Steve Young's hold on the ALFF passing title by landing the honor in both 1995 & 1996 (while being named All ALFF starter) .... becoming the first QB ever to record back to back 100pt RS campaigns in the process. His 1996 efforts included a post season record 43pts that ended in his only Bowl loss (ALFF Bowl 4), that PO points mark remained unchallenged until being beaten by Cam Newton in 2015. In 1997 the passer was selected No 1 overall by League newbies the Kincorth City Chiefs but lacked the supporting cast to make any impact outside selection as All ALFF back-up. There was more of the same in 98 as coach Martin Garioch came calling with the 1st pick of the draft but Favre's last truly outstanding effort in 4 year purple patch was lost against the background of a grim 4-9 campaign. From 1999 onward Favre's story took on a different mantle. No longer the week on week pass title chasing multi TD thrower the big armed No 4 reinvented himself as the man to get you over the line in the post season. In 2000  Favre was the perfect foil to stand-out Marshall Faulk as he aided coach Gordon Fyfe and the KCC to their one and only ALFF Title success. Two  relatively low key seasons at the  Danestone Diablos and Caledonia Express followed but rumblings that signal-caller had flamed out were blown away by a stellar 2003 campaign when coach Michie finally got the QB a supporting cast and went all the way to an ALFF Bowl 11 success. Not only was Favre way out on his own with 3 Bowl wins in 4 appearances... but twice had led a an ALFF franchise to a Bowl game from a pure wildcard berth. After getting the Riverside Rockets to within 1 game of the big game a year later, a third spell with the Posse in 2005 seemed to suggest the end was near. In 2006 Favre warmed the Astro's bench as a one game back but just when it seemed the passer was yesterday's man a 3rd spell under coach Michie saw the literally greybeard QB land the League Big Play MVP award. Incredibly with 16 seasons under his belt Brett managed one last hurrah as the QB behind second year coach Andrew McGeachy's stunning ALFF Bowl 16 success with his Kincorth Killers. His 5 Bowl outings (4 as a winner) are stand alone achievements at the position with Drew Brees the only other passer to manage more than 1 win.  Two low key seasons as a bit part player was a sad ending to a truly stand-out career but when his last outing came as a Stonehaven Raider in Week 8, 2010 Favre had played in a 161 RS game, scoring 1016 RS points in tbe process, both League best totals at the time. His 24 PO appearances and 150 post season points are still  unbeaten marks at all positions.

Priest Holmes 1998- 2005


For three short seasons there was no brighter star in the ALFF heavens than RB Priest Holmes as the electrifying runner swept to an unprecedented 3 straight individual Rushing Titles and two League MVP honors. But just as quickly as the endzone sniffing runner hit the top, his career was over on the back of a serious neck injury. Holmes first caught the eye of the Bandit back in 1998 when the free agent RB was picked up by the Riverside Rockets on transactions but really there was very little to suggest Holmes would become the League's hottest talent as he then spent two almost  anonymous campaigns as a very sparingly used back-up at first the Caledonia Express and then the Hardgate Hustle. Coach Bothwell Snr saw enough (as a Denver fan) to spend a 5th Rd pick on the emerging KC talent in 2001 but 3 scores in 6 outings for the Blitz was hardly noteworthy. All that changed in 2002 with "The Priest" now the feature back in  Dick Vermeil's Chiefs offence. Coach McDougall was impressed enough to spend the 16th overall pick on a player who up to that point had managed just 36pts in 4 seasons and boy did he get some payback. Despite missing the tail end of the campaign through injury Holmes won his 1st ALFF rushing Title as he swept to League MVP honors with 111 RS points. Undeniably Holmes injury absence was a major factor in the 9-4 Astro's just missing out to the Drillers in ALFF Bowl 10. Now very much the "man" Priest was snapped up the following term by the Garthdee Gryphons with the 3rd selection overall and once again he proved irrepressible. A 2nd straight Rushing Title and bar in the MVP stakes inspired coach Donny's long suffering Birds to their 1st winning season in 5 years although sadly not even a trademark Priest TD treble could get the Garthdee outfit past the Title bound Danestone Diablos  in a heartbreak 36-38 PO2 loss. Now undeniably the best on offer at the then key position of RB, it was no shock Holmes was the 1st player taken overall by the Arnhall Dolphins in 2004 but coach Sutherland was unable to surround his prize asset with anything resembling a decent supporting cast and although a 3rd straight rushing prize was duly locked up, a toothless 1 and done in the post season by the Arnhall Dolphins ensured there was no 3 in a row in the MVP stakes. In 2005 the Priest was back under the tutelage of coach Donny as the 3rd pick overall and although the ball carrier was still combative he was just a little off the pace of title chasing Sean Alexander and LaDainian Tomlinson when a seemingly innocuous hit out of bounds in a Week 8 game v the Chargers effectively ended his career. A great gauge of Holmes impact can be summed up by the fact in effectively 4 seasons as a starter  he score enough points to leave him 4th overall in RB points scored (at time of retiring) despite languishing 37th in RB appearances.

Tim "Bowl" Brown 1992-2004