League Rules 2019

1. League Set - Up

1.1 The League shall consist of 12 teams, split into 3 Divisions of 4. The placement of each side within the 3 Division set - up is as follows.

Bon Accord Division

Granite Division

Pittodrie Division

Argyll Apaches

Broch Bobcats Garthdee Gryphons

Wellington Rising

Arnhall Dolphins Caledonia Express

2 Minute Drillers

JL8 Laurel Lions

Scunthorpe Steelers

Kincorth Killers Westburn Blades

In the event of an owner leaving the League , the replacement franchise will take over the vacant slot.

1.2 Regular season play will be on the basis of each team playing 13 games. The schedule will be made up by playing Divisional opponents on a home and away basis and by playing each other League side ( bar one) once.

1.3 The schedule will be determined by the Commissioner.

1.4 The 3 Divisional Winners will automatically qualify for the play-offs along with the 5 teams with the next best records. The two Divisional Winners with the best records will have a bye for the first two weeks of the play-offs. The 3rd best Divisional Winner and the team with the next best record will have a bye for the 1st week of the play-offs. For the purposes of seeding in the play-offs the 3rd Best Division Winners and the team with the next best record will be seeded according to their respective records (i.e. the 3rd Best Division Winner will not automatically be seeded above the team with the next best record).  The 4 remaining sides will play-off on a Best v Worst basis. The play-offs will then continue on a knock-out format , with a Bowl game on Week 17 of the NFL regular season to decide the Championship.


2. Team Construction

2.1 Each owner will attend the League’s annual Draft and will choose a team, to be made up of 21 units.

2.2 A unit shall be deemed to be a player at one of the listed positions (QB, RB, WR, Kicker) or an NFL team Defence.

2.3 No restriction will be placed on the make up of a team’s 21 units but on game day an owner must field a side made up of the elements listed in either side A ,side B or side C as listed below :

Side A :- 1 QB - 2 RBs - 3 WR’s - 1 Kicker and 1 team Defence * (see scoring Section 4 Table 1).

Side B :- 1 QB - 1 RB - 4 WR’s - 1 Kicker and 1 team Defence * (see scoring Section 4 Table 1).

Side C : 1 QB - 0 RB's - 5WR's (one must be a NFL TE) - 1 Kicker and 1 team Defence * (see scoring Section 4 Table 1).


3. Submission of Team Line Up's

Final team line-ups shall be submitted to the commissioner by 13:00 Hrs on the Sunday of each week. For Thursday fixtures owner's can submit a partial team selection of players who are involved in the Thursday fixtures. Partial selections must be lodged with the commissioner by 21:00 on the Thursday ( 17:00 on Thanksgiving). No player involved in a Thursday fixture will be accepted as a starter after the NFL game has kicked off , in any circumstances.



4. Scoring


4.1 Scoring will be calculated on the actual performance of NFL players on the corresponding weekend’s play. Points will be awarded on the basis listed below in Table 1.

Table 1

QB passes for TD 3pts Kicker kicks FG 3pts
QB rushes for TD 6pts Kicker kicks PAT 1pt
RB rushes for TD 6pts Player rushes for 2pt PAT 2pts
RB passes for TD 3pts Player passes for 2pt PAT 1pt
RB catches TD 3pts Player catches 2pt PAT 1pt
WR catches TD 3pts Defence scores TD 6pts
WR rushes for TD 6pts Defence scores Safety 2pts
WR passes for TD 3pts Teams with no active  Defence  on any given week will have their Defence listed  as "No available Defence" with  -6pts score recorded for that team.


4.2 Bonus points will be added to scores on the basis listed below.

For a TD pass of 50 yards or over , the player passing and the player receiving will each be awarded 3 bonus points.

For a rushing TD of 50 yards or over, the player rushing will receive 2 bonus points.

For a FG of 50 yards or over the player kicking will receive 2 bonus points.

There will be no bonus points awarded for any play ruled as a Defensive Team score.


4.3 Defensive Team scores will be awarded in the following situations.

Faked or botched Punts/FG’s that result in a TD for the kicking team.

Kick-Off /Punt return's for TD’s.

Interception/ Fumble return’s for TD’s. Note - Fumble's recovered by an offensive player (other than special teams situations) and advanced for a TD will not count as a defensive score.

If in any of the Defensive Team score scenario’s the player(s) scoring the Defensive Team’s TD is actually on an ALFF roster (and is active) , then two full scores will be awarded, one to the Defence and one to the player(s) involved.

The Commissioner’s rule is final on when a play is regarded as a Defensive Team score or not.


4.4 Scoring will be determined according to results as listed on nfl.com.

4.5 Teams tied following normal scoring in their game will be separated using the following method.

a) 1pt will be awarded for each player fulfilling the following criteria:

QB passing for 300 Yds or over.

QB rushing for 100 Yds or over.

RB rushing/catching for 100 Yds or over.

WR catching/rushing for 100 Yds or over.

All three positions will be considered before the tie break is decided. Rushing/catching totals will not be aggregated.


b) The team scoring the most TD’s will be declared the winner.

c) The team with the fewest bonus points in normal scoring will be declared the winner.

d) The team with the highest RB total aggregate rushing/receiving yards will be declared the winner.


4.6 Teams tied on W/L record will be separated on a tie break using the following method.


a) Head to Head results.

b) Best Divisional record ( only to apply to ties within a Division).

c) The team with the highest overall points total shall be placed above another.

d) Aggregate points in games between the two sides ( only to apply to ties within a Division).

e) Strength of Schedule.


5. Free Agency

Each owner may retain certain eligible players at the end of a season. To be eligible for retention a player must have been drafted by the team retaining him and the player must either be a rookie or be a 2nd or 3rd year player whom the team has owned rights too without break since his rookie season. From 2019 onwards , RB's can be retained for 2 additional years only, after which point they must be returned to the player pool.  All other retained players with over 3 years experience  must be returned to the player pool. Owners wishing to retain players may do so by notifying the commissioner in writing by before May 11th 2020. All other players will be deemed to have returned to the League’s Free Agency player pool on May 11th 2020. A maximum of three additional player’s can be retained each season ( i.e. a hypothetical maximum of 9 at any given time) . If a player is retained the owner will forfeit the draft pick assigned to that player in the subsequent draft (e.g. owner X drafts a rookie in Rd 1 of the 2019 draft and then retains him at the end of the 2019 season, will give up his 2020 1st Rd pick). Retained players may be cut prior to or during the draft but their draft slots will NOT be returned to the owner expect in exceptional circumstances to be determined by the commissioner. Unit’s cut and re-signed or obtained by trade are NOT eligible for retention.


6. Annual Draft

The annual League draft will take place on a day designated by the League and will run on the following basis. Draft order will be determined by the preceding season’s W/L record , taking into account play-off performance. The side with the poorest regular season record will pick No 1 through to the Bowl champions who will pick 12. The draft will commence in the given order with owners picking in sequence on a given time limit. After the 1st Round the 2nd Round will commence in reverse order until all 12 owners have picked again. Round 3 will see the resumption of the 1st Round order. This 3 Round cycle will be repeated (seven times) until  each owner has filled the 21 places on his roster. At the conclusion of the draft ALL units will retain their draft day draft pick value until  May 11th 2020 when they will return to League Free Agency pool.


7. Roster Changes

Roster changes can be made at any time from the beginning of the season through to the normal weekly roster changes deadlines  up to the Wednesday preceding  Week 13(for cuts) and Friday preceding  Wk 13 (for replacements) . Owner’s should notify the commissioner of player cuts ( by e-mail) from Mon 08:00 to Wednesday 21:00 Hrs of each week. Replacements will be made over Thursday /Friday. In the event of two or more owners cutting players in the same week replacements will picked in a mini- draft. Mini-draft order for replacements will be based on current W/L record, with the poorest side picking first and then the procedure for the main draft will be followed until all replacements have be picked. Where possible owners will be asked to provide a list of replacements ( in order of preference ) to cut down on the need for multiple calls. The commissioner will then, using a combination of lists provided and telephone calls, allocate replacement players. "New" players will be eligible to play immediately.  The number of roster changes will be limited to 11 ( i.e. 11 units can be cut and replaced with 11 others) for the season , to be used at the discretion of the owner concerned. Trades are not regarded as roster changes. In exceptional circumstances the commissioner can be petitioned for additional picks. The onus will be on owners to keep a record of the number of roster changes they have made during the season . If an owner , having already used his 11 roster changes for the season subsequently notifies the commissioner of further cuts then the players will be placed on waivers but no replacements will be allowed.


8. Trades and Transactions

All owners are free at any stage of the season up to 17:00 Hrs of the Friday preceding Week 11 ( November 17th) , to indulge in Trades involving other owners. Any permutation will be permitted (e.g. owner A trades 4 units for a QB held by owner B) as long as both /all parties involved in the trade are agreed. Future draft choices and retained players rights can be used in a trade but cash deals are limited to picking up the Transaction Fees. A Transaction fee of £1 per owner per trade will be payable to the League Treasurer along with a further £1 per player per trade. The Commissioner must be informed in writing by all parties in a trade by 21:00 hours on any given Friday before players involved in the Trade will be deemed eligible to play in the coming weekend’s fixtures. If as a result of a Trade an owner has more than permitted 21 units on his roster , he will be immediately required by the Commissioner to cut units to make the regulation 21. Any owner that as a result of a Trade has less than 21 units on his roster will automatically take part in the next Roster Changes draft. Units "made up" in this fashion will be counted as roster changes , although other trades described in this rule will not. No player having been traded by an owner , may be regained by that same owner at any subsequent stage of the season. The Commissioner reserves the right to quash any Trade deemed to be against the League’s interest.


9. Rules Revision Committee

The Rules Revision Committee, consisting of the Commissioner and 3 owners will take decisions on all matters pertaining to rules revision or application. Any owner not satisfied with any decision taken by the committee has the right to call a full Owners Meeting to have the matter reviewed fully. The owners on the Rules Revision Committee will be Ronnie Cruickshank, Donald Garioch and Mike McGeachy. 3 members of the committee will be required to make up a quorate Rules Revision meeting.


10. Fees

Owners will pay an annual fee of £10. There will be no purse for the League Champions. A trophy will be presented to the owner of the team that wins the Bowl game. The Commissioner will be exempt from the £10 annual fee.


11. Treasurer

The League’s finances will be controlled by a Treasurer. The Treasurer will be Mike McConnachie.