Title Watch

Updated thru Week 13 Thursday fixture

02 Dec  16:22 GMT


The Gryphons Kirk Cousins held on by his fingertips with a Week 12 performance that was 2 scores back of the main contenders... but having done so , could not put the pressure on Wilson and Brady by posting the total to beat in his final outing on Thursday. Now back in the clubhouse the Birds signal-caller Kirk Cousins is still back in third place and his chase is over. That sets us up nicely for a dramatic finale between leader Russell Wilson (Arnhall)  and Kincorth's Tom Brady. Both turned in a round dozen in Week 12, leaving the first named with a decent 4pt advantage going in to a thrilling ALFF head to head between passers. With the Granite Div title now off the menu in this much anticipated showdown the ALFF Passing Title is now the main event. Wilson may need all of that 4pt lead  going out against a stout Eagles D... but he will have the advantage of knowing what his target is , with Brady going out earlier in Buffalo.  Weather should not be a big factor in either location.. but I'm still  of the opinion the Patriots are going to run and run and run v the Bills... 1) because the can... and 2) it will give Brady a rest and keep him fresh for the post season. That said he should still post enough points to make Wilson earn what would be his first individual title. For the record the last Arnhall signal-caller to win the individual passing title was Tom Brady (2007) .. with TB also the last Killer to win it all. If Brady wins this time round he would be the first passer since Brett Favre (Wounded Knee Massacre ) in 1996 to win it with the same team twice.

Just as in the QB stakes.. the ball carrier's title is a 2 horse race. For the second straight week the Drillers Todd Gurley went "score for score" with the  Posse's Mark Ingram's as the two went mano a mano in Week 12 .... although on this occasion that meant a goose egg apiece. Ingram did look to have grabbed  a late receiving score  to eat into Gurley's handy 12pt lead... but a bone head penalty away from the play saw the "score" wiped away. Clearly Gurley has one hand on the trophy.... and one rushing score this week in the  Arizona desert  should close the deal. If Gurley fails to score "all" Ingram will need to do is to get two rushing TD's and the glory will be his based on TD count-back ( Ingram has no bonus points in his total). In a curious echo of the QB stakes... Adrian Peterson was the last RB to win a RB title for the Posse (2013) and the last RB to win a RB title for the Drillers (2010).

Cove Bay Pirates and defending champion Antonio Brown has timed his title run to perfection, piling on 16pts in his last two outings to leap from mid ranking obscurity to top of the pile on 28pts with one game left. Playing as he does, in the very last NFL game of our regular season .... Brown is sure to be the focus of a sensational climax to this whole event.  Neither of the two Week 11 leaders DeAndre Hopkins (Desperados) or Tyreek Hill (CalX) were able to get on the score-sheet in Week 12 allowing Brown to leapfrog ahead , while the Killers Alshon Jeffrey , the Wrecking Rebels Rob Gronkowski (the 2011 champion) and the Drillers Davante Adams all closed up significantly with 3pts, 6pts and  6(3)pts respectively.  Jeffrey actually joined the previous leaders on the 27pt mark with Gronk  and Adams just one receiving TD behind them. Hopkins ,Hill , Gronk and Adams all go early on Sunday and all four simply have to get to 28pts and above to to make a fight of it.  As always this one is brewing up nicely for some real finale fireworks. With Jeffrey going out in the 2nd last NFL game of our regular season , he will know what the "new" winning margin is (if its gone above 28pts) ...  giving  Brown the last shout in the very last game on Monday night. I could say its never been tighter... but it has !!

Steven Gostkowski's (Apaches) 5pt, all PAT effort in Wk 12 left the door open a little for defending champion the Killers  Matt Bryant.. as he closed the gap to 16pts overall with another solid 10pt showing. It would likely take another strict diet of PAT's from the 4 times champion to allow the Kincorth kicker to steal in and win the prize at this stage.. but facing the Vikings on his own turf, Bryant possibly has one big bonus laden game in him here.    Vegas have not closed the book on this race... but have conceded Goat Jowls has an  almost insurmountable one. It will require the defending champion to put up a 20pt plus score to upset the odds and deny the Brave his 5th kicking title in 6 seasons.