Week 10

The first  major piece of the play-off picture was put in place as the Scunthorpe Steelers clinched the Bon Accord Division title and the double bye week that goes with it as they overpowered the previously in form Arnhall Dolphins. The No 1 seed itself is still undecided but it would be a major upset if that is not filled by the 2018 Runners-Up with the eventual Granite Div winner almost certainly to be the in the No 2 spot. The Broch Bobcats edged a little closer to bolting down the Granite Div pennant but although they more than enough for the Garthdee Gryphons to handle this time round, they can’t shake off the determined Kincorth Killers who cantered to a lopsided win over the stagnant 2 Minute Drillers. With a two game lead coach Taylor has a little room for maneuver, if he can get through the next two weeks without a hic-cup the Special K will simply run out road ahead of a possible Week 13 showdown. The Killers win elevates them to single bye week favorites at this stage. With the JL8  downing Pittodrie Division leaders the  Laurel Lions it was good week for the Granite Division ( Arnhall Dolphins apart). The Pittodrie Divison picture as ever is back in the melting pot as the Blades again flowed (with a win over the Apaches) as coach Hamilton’s combo ebbed but although both are tied at 5-5 , the Danestone based outfit do have the crucial tie season sweep tie break that acts effectively as an “extra win” at this stage. There is one unlikely but specific set of results that could see all four sides in that grouping finish 5-8 !! The wildcard race is now a full on turkey shoot with as many as 7 sides with one game of each other in the battle for will boil down to 4 berths. The JL8  had arguably the best Week 10 from that perspective as the defending champions posted their highest score of the season too date in a 47-07 mauling of the aforementioned Lions that saw them climb to 4-8 but there is still life for the Wellington Rising as well as coach Butter’s squad squeezed out  a low scoring win over the all but eliminated Caledonia Express. The Garthdee Gryphons simply have to win out from here to avoid missing on the post season again and while the Posse aren’t officially eliminated it will take a very specific run of luck for coach Marty not to feel the trapdoor spring fully open next time round. This week’s scores saw the Kincorth Killers emerge as new ALFF Points Title front runners and on current form are probably the single  greatest threat to a new name NOT going on the Steven Wood Trophy this time round. Scoring was back up over the 300pt mark despite Week 10 being the lowest in terms of NFL scoring this year with RB scoring still staying maintaining a sizeable lead over the QB position. WR has held steady through the last 4 weeks… and could creep over the 600pt mark for the RS campaign… and just avoid being the lowest ever. All four individual title races are building to a climax and can be followed in Title Watch. With just 18 RS games to go I can hear the fat lady warming up in the background and it certainly looks like we hurtling towards a Commissioner’s slide rule situation. Only one firm decision made.. and no-one eliminated as the week counter features double digits. Just as we like it… ENJOY !!



 Steelers Bye Title With Triple TD Triple

Wide-out Christian Kirk snags his first score of the night a 33 yarder.

The Scunthorpe Steelers romped to a 2nd straight Bon Accord Division Title and an assured themselves of a double bye week with a spectacular 52-21 win over the overmatched Arnhall Dolphins. The game was rightly billed as the clash of the Leagues two in form sides but it was Scunny who showed their true class to clinch the first confirmed 2019 pennant in style. Adamki’s charges  52 points was their 3rd best tally in their 7 year history , with Christian Kirk’s 12pt receiving effort the best ever from one of his  wide-outs. Indeed but for the fact kicker Greg Zuerlien had something of an evening to forget, the Steelmen could well have been setting all sorts of scoring records here. Having clinched last season’s first post season brief with a 66-32 demolition of the 2 Minute Drillers in Week 9, coach Meek is gaining a reputation for doing things in style. In some ways the game itself had promised to be more of a nip and tuck event with the Fins sporting a League best 4 game winning streak and the Sowf London combo unbeaten since Week 6,  but the Beechgrove Garden crowd were given a lesson in the art of scoring. Adamski’s Oakland D  set the tone in the last prime time game in the Coliseum with a 56 yard pick six off an errant  Phillip Rivers pass but into Sunday it was  RB Aaron Jones who led the way with  a triple TD effort that pushed his case for the ALFF Running Title and he was ably supported by fit again QB Patrick Mahomes who marked his first outing since his Week 7 injury with TD tosses from 3 , 11 and 63 yards. WR Christian Kirk has been something of  slow burner in fantasy terms  but in only his 3rd start of the term simply exploded on the scene, his 33 , 69 and 15 yard counters earning him a place in the catching positions hallowed 12pt club.  As I mentioned Greg Zuerlein’s 4pts wasn’t his finest effort but ultimately padded the BA champions final tally to an impressive 52pts. Had newly fit Alvin Kamara or Davante Adams (or Julio Jones) joined in who knows what the Steelmen’s ceiling could have been !!?? Still calling slurring  plays from the bar of the Marella Explorer 2 (aka the Black Pig) , Captain Pugwash had seen his unchanged charges run up 9pts of their own in the TNF action at Oakland thanks to a 9 yard Derrick Carr strike and a very nice 18 yard run from rookie RB Josh Jacobs but they really had little more to add in the teeth of the Steelers points storm. A very rare O J Howard siting resulted in a 10 yard TD but the TE apart, kicker Matt Prater was the only other Fin to get his shirt dirty on Sunday , his solid 9pt contribution including his regular bonus point FG (54 yards). The Steelers now have the luxury of watching the rest of us scramble for position but coach Meek will be keen to secure the No 1 seed and then look to besting their franchise best 11-2 record set just last term.  Closing with 3 straight wins certainly looks well within their capability and don’t be shocked to see the ALFF Bowl favorites launch a late bid for the ALFF Points Title they are attempting to defend. The Dolphins  motley crew  saw their winning streak of 4 consecutive games come to a crashing halt as they slide back into the swamp of 5-5 scrappers and wildcard contenders  and with their 3 Divisional opponents all pocketing Week 10 victories  coach Sutherland’s GDiv pennants hopes are formally over. The up and down (and also 5-5) Westburn Blades represent  a tricky an unwelcome  Week 11 opponent  for coach Compost where a loss would leave a angst ridden closing two games against tough Divisional  opponents , both likely to be in same boat ( one of which could be captained by Cut-throat Jake … look it up on You Tube youngsters… it passed for entertainment back in the day !!).  The RSS between the two coaches is now tied at 3-3.



Rising Ram Home Their Advantage As Posse Pontificate

QB Kirk Cousins scores a TD double for the Rising.

Monday night football has not been kind to Darren in his rookie ALFF season… with close contests also usually ending in Tawa Towers tears.  So Kiwi Two had to fear the worst when his critical Week 10 clash at home to the Caledonia Express came down to Marquise Goodwin v George Kittle at Levi Stadium on Monday night with his Rising ahead just 15-12 in a bit of a snorefest. When Wellington’s Kittle was listed as inactive it seemed almost inevitable that Goodwin would step up and at least force OT … but the Posse pass catcher failed to haul in any of his 3 targets in a frankly disappointing night to hand the Wellington Rising a huge 15-12 win. To be truthful Marty really should have put this tie between two sides just clinging to their 2019 hopes away .. but a couple of selections decisions , one more understandable than the other , loomed large in a loss that leaves the Posse clinging on by the slenderest of margins with three game to play. But we will get to that in due course.  The Rising, fresh off a buoying 32-15 win over the Drillers did have to make some bye enforced changes , TJ Hockenson filling in for the resting Alshon Jeffery and their Panthers D doing likewise for their League leading Patriots unit. However it was the requirement to slot in Steven Hauschka in place of Josh Lambo that gave coach Butter reason to reach for the NZ equivelant of Zantac.  The Bills kicker began the season as No 1 choice on the Welly depth chart but a poor Week 1 outing that cost the debut ball-club an opening day success saw the specialist unceremoniously dumped. Incredibly his second bite at the cherry almost proved every bit as disastrous,  his 2pts actually undercutting his game 1 , three point effort. With QB Kirk Cousins not going out until his head to head with opposing K Brett Maher in the NBC game at Jerryworld the Rising faithful were desperately short of anything to tack on to the kicker’s  paltry pair of XP’s with Barkley (13 carries for ONE yard) , Ebron and Hockenson all coming up empty. With Christian McCaffrey being held in check at an increasingly wintry Lambeau Field things were beginning to look desperate for Welly’s head honcho … but the title chasing runner finally came through for his coach with a typical 3 yard TD blast.. and indeed was only denied a last gasp 2nd score by the smallest of margins right at the goal-line as time expired on the 2nd Sunday period. In response the Posse were not much better. Coach Garioch the Eldest had taken the not wholly unreasonable decision to bench the recently reliable Kyler Murray and replace him at QB with a fresh Drew Brees who was expected to rack up the points in the Dome against the Dirty Birds…. but no had shown the Falcons the script. The 4th highest score in League history was surprisingly under pressure all night, sacked six times and didn’t put a bean , just falling inches short of a garbage time score as his target Michael Thomas was touched down just before crossing the plane as time expired. A litany of Express starters followed suit. Chubb and newly restored RB Malcolm Brown came up with a running game double doughnut with more of the same from Juju Smith-Schuster. A big fat zero from the Cove based clubs Kansas City defence certainly caught the eye. Prior to Week 9 the LA Rams unit had been doing well enough to be recognised as the legit starting D… but following their bye (in Week 9) Marty opted not to restore them and stuck with his Arrowhead mob. Those missing 8pts (and Murray’s omission ) proved to be hugely significant. WR Mecole Hardman provided the only Express succour with an eye catching 63 yard TD which left the game poised at a positively  soporific 08-06 in the Rising’s favour as the action moved to Jerryworld. At this point the pundits who could keep their eyes open largely favoured K Brett Maher to outscore Kirk Cousins but as it turned out it was the QB who won the duel by 7 points to 6 with the former’s missed FG on the opening drive of the NBC phase another missed opportunity for the increasingly desperate Boot Hill mob. As we have seen the Levi Stadium finale was something of a damp squib ( some 5 days late !)  and the home side held on to win 15-12. The Rising improve to 4-6 with their first ever back to back wins and finally caught a break , with a victory that you could argue was a little bit of Yang to compensate for more than a  little bit of early season Ying !! Their lowest ever points tally however has seen them relinquish a long held lead in the  ALFF Points Title race. By virtue of their Wk 6 win over the identically placed 4-6  Apaches  Welly  are out the BA Div basement for the first time ever and a Week 11 clash with the Gryphons opens the door to joining the  wildcard “throng” albeit with some more significant bye week hurdles to clear over the next fortnight.  Their Week 13 clash against the Braves is starting to take on the feel of a potential winners takes all clash in terms of post season participation. The 2-8 Posse are technically still alive courtesy of the Lions & Blades not having to play each other again with a defined set of Div results, where coach’s Hamilton & Bothwell both lose out from here… while the Gryphons lose next week only…..  with Marty finishing with a 3 game flourish, while scoring lots of points. Clinging on by one broken fingernail is the best I can come up with !


 Drillers Are Not Fit For Purpose - Killers Could Care Less !


QB Dak Precott threw 3 scores for the Killers.

They say that when you’ve been doing something for so long – possibly too long – you tend to lose all trace of empathy for everyone else in the same boat. It would appear I’ve reached that point so a polite bog off to all the smart Alecs out there muttering that I’d reached that point and travelled well beyond it years ago! The reason that I decided to preface this missive with this earth shattering news is that every week it seems I’ve to write a report for a game that was pretty much over before it began because of injuries and bye week considerations and this week that narrative didn’t change. With both sides entering the fray boasting records of 5 – 4 the last thing either Head Coach needed was to fall victim to the roster gremlins but just in case the banner wasn’t a big enough clue it was the Drillers turn for selection misery. The Commish had serious QB problems and these were so severe that a dip into the murky depths of the” unattached QB’s available to be picked up” had to be endured.  What with Carson Wentz on a bye and Jacoby Brisset licking his lips at the prospect of racking up the points in the real world against the Dolphins only to fail a very late fitness test Da Commish dived in and plucked the name Kyle Allen from the primordial slime; who’d a thunk it, a Carolina Panthers QB starting for the Drillers. (Just did a quick check and the sky is indeed tartan)! This surprising enforced selection change was tempered by the return from the bye week of WR1 Michael Thomas, WR2 Calvin Ridley and RB1 Todd Gurley. Coach Derv had but the one change in the Killers team sheet and that was the return of RB1 Joe Mixon from his bye week and the more or less settled team had the Vegas mob touting a 3 point spread and a win for the Kincorth-ish outfit. Having lost 3 straight the Drillers had to hope that there wouldn’t be too much disparity points wise in the QB battle and though Kyle Allen had a reasonable outing he could only muster a single TD to show for his efforts whilst the Killers had a 9 point 3 TD outing from the stolid and uninspiring Dak Prescott. The RB battle promised to be a much tighter affair on paper but unfortunately that’s not where these games are played. The Drillers dynamic duo of Todd Gurley and Damien Williams could’ve been put out to grass instead of trying to perform on it for all that they contributed; goose eggs all round simply wasn’t what Da Commish wanted, in fact rumour has it that there was the sound of the compensatory corks (Malbec/Merlot?) popping from down Commish way even at this early juncture in proceedings! The Killers, taking nothing for granted, were not impressed by the return of Mr Mixon at RB but colleague Dalvin Cook – surely the most fun RB in the league to watch at the moment – did manage his customary score to put his side 15 – 03 ahead. The Drillers knew that they had to wrestle the initiative from their opponents in the WR battle if they were to fight back and win out in this contest so when Amari Cooper romped in a TD to close the gap the optimism was raised but this was an aberration and those hopes were dashed by goose eggs for both Michael Thomas and Calvin Ridley; a 3 point return in total simply wasn’t what Da Commish had anticipated and the performance of the former must’ve been particularly hard to fathom. The Killers now leading 15 – 06 would be forgiven for thinking that his WR trio of OBJ,  Mike Evans and Marvin Jones would put enough points on the board to salt this game away, however fate does have a way of jumping from behind a bush and securing a firm grip of ones nether regions when you least expect it. OBJ was too busy arguing about watches and footwear to bother with the game that pays for theses luxuries, Mike Evans was teamed up with Jameis who was overdue a rank performance and Marvin Jones only turns up for 1 game a year in which he scores about 4 TD’s and that’s been and gone,! Top of the class for those of you that have worked out that the Killers managed a team goose egg at the WR position. Having closed the gap by 3 points in the WR phase the furies now decided that it was time to put the Drillers firmly in their place, normally the defensive contest gets dismissed in these pages with an airy “ with neither defence troubling the scorers” type phrase but this week there’s a Lee Corso moment coming! “Not so fast” was the cry from the Killers Baltimore Defence which had not 1 but 2 scores to put their ALFF franchise 27 – 06 ahead and in control. My usual dismissive phrase could get dragged out again as the Drillers New York Giants defence couldn’t make any impression on proceedings and left as they came, goose egg in hand. With a 21 point deficit only the most optimistic of Coaches could imagine that the remaining kicking battle could do anything other than put a gloss on a defeat and sadly even that possibility was removed by the ruthless Killers. Joey Slye had a subpar 6 (2 bonus) point outing for the Drillers but pretty much as Vegas anticipated counterpart Harrison Buttkicker had a 14 point showing for the Killers who ran out comfortable 41 – 12 winners. The Killers improve to 6 – 4 and have the inside track on a single bye week as the best wild-card if they can’t actually catch the Bobcats; they also took control of the ALFF points title race overtaking the Rising and are now 19 points clear. Despite becoming the first kicking unit to eclipse the 100 point mark the Drillers have lost 4 straight games for the first time since 2007 and drop to 5 – 5; worryingly their output from the QB and Kicking game has fallen off the planet and this is reflected by only 1 score above 15 points in 4 outings. This is Coach Andrew’s first regular season win over Da Commish since 2014 and he now trails the RSS 3 – 9. (Not that that’s a concern as he’s won the last 2 play-off games and they’re the ones that really count)!


Braves Don't Keep Up With The Joneses

Blades back-up Daniel Jones scored 16pts on his ALFF debut.

There is an old joke that involves penguins and temperatures that you should all know by now. After 10 days in, sunny San Francisco, that is just how I feel…bloody freezing. One of the upsides to the trip was that I actually saw a Washington team win something. Whoodathunkit!! Back in Brexitland and things have not changed much. The ALFF regular season entered its 10th week and saw the Westburn Blades go head to head with the Argyll Apaches. The Blades Heid Bummer brought in Daniel Jones for a, rookie start, as Watson was on a bye. Coach Kiwi also brought back David Johnson to the 2nd RB slot, but had his problems at wide out, with his unit ranked #12. In came AJ Brown and Taylor Boyd. The Apaches also went with changes; Minshew (bye week) was replaced by Phil Rivers; Gordon replaced Carson in the backfield and Robert Woods came in for Edelman, also on a bye. Both sides went into this one on 4-5 and something had to give. Thursday night action saw the Apaches with 4 starters and they looked to build a decent lead. Phil Rivers did his part with scoring passes from 2 and 6 yards on a so-so night. He finished with figures of 17 from 31 for 207 yards but had 3 interceptions and 5 sacks. Melvin Gordon scored and a 3 yard run to add another 6, but Allen and the Chargers D failed to add to this. To add insult to injury it also proved to be Allen’s last game of the season as injury finished his year early. Sunday saw the bulk of the action take place with eyes on Daniel Jones. Could his evening see his scoring plays outpace his turnovers? He finished with 26 of 40 for 308 yards and 6 sacks but, crucially, he connected on passes from 5, 39, 61 and 16 yards to post 16 points. Mark Ingram III added a 1 yard scamper and gave them a 10 point lead. Both coaches then saw their wide men post a collection of goose eggs, leaving the kickers to battle this out. Dan bailey connected on FG’s from 26 and 27 yards as well as 2 PAT’s, but this was quickly negated as Zane Gonzales connected on FG’s from 37 and 54 yards as well as 3 PAT’s to put this one in the bag for the Blades. Their Frisco D added another 6 in Monday night action and this one was toast. The Apaches slip to 4-6 and are ranked last on points. They meet the Killers in week 11 in a, must win game as the Rising have now joined them on 4-6 (and they meet in week 13) The loss of Allen will hurt but it is that time of the season. The Blades move to 5-5 and are back on Level terms with the Lions in the Pittodrie division, but the Lions have a tie break over them. Stuie looks well placed to get a wild card, at the very least, and could yet clinch the division if the results go his way. Week 11 sees them take on the Dolphins. So now we are round the final corner and heading for the home straight, with 3 weeks left. Anything can happen…and probably will!!


Cat's Pounce On Baleful Birds

Randall Cobb holds on to score a 22 yard TD for the Bobcats.

I wonder what was going through Coach Rudi’s head this week as he boarded the crazy train to Baylerville. “Will the Week 8 Gryphons show up?”, “Will the Killers keep pace by beating the ailing Drillers?”, “Do people ever eat Pokemon and would they all taste different?”… all VERY valid questions. The answers are: “No”, “Yes” and “I don’t know, but I would totally give Bulbasaur a nibble!”. The Psycho Kitties brought Matt Ryan back into the equation after a bye/injury layoff, along with Austin Hooper who came in for DeAndre Hopkins and Kenyan Drake got the nod for the bye-ing Phil “The Colorado Kid” Lindsay. Bye and injury problems for the Gryphons meant that the Crimson one’s backfield had about as many options as a North Korean voting slip, but Deion Lewis was given the nod in the hope that this would finally be the week he would see some action. MVS stepped in for the injured Adam Theilen in the leagues best wideout corps. Austin Ekeler would kick things off on Thursday night with a, now customary, receiving TD.  Kenny Golladay and Travis Kelce edged the Gryphons out in front in the early going with a 47 yarder and a short 3 yard shovel respectively, but a measily 2 point performance from Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Adrian Pimento saw-… sorry, “Chicago Bears’ Eddie Piniero” saw the league’s worst kicking attack open the door and lay down the red carpet for a Broch fightback. And fight back they did. Recently added Golden Tate blew the lid off of this thing by taking two Danny Dimes passes to the house, including a 60+ yarder for 9 points and the lead. Tate, who missed the first 4 games of the season due to a drugs suspension for taking fertility medication (of all things), could be a secret weapon for this team down the stretch. (*side note: If Golden Tate were to have kids, would they be "Tate-r Tots"?).Matty Ice then hooked up for two TD scores – including one to Bobcat Austin Hooper (no relation to “Goldthwait”) – in the Falcons’ surprise demolition of the Saints. Down in Big D, Randall Cobb showed that he still has some burn in him on a 22 yarder from D.P., further tipping the scales in Coach Rudi’s favour, 24-8 going into the Monday Night tilt. The Donster Truck could but hope for another huge performance from Tevin Coleman and/or Jimmy G and for the Seahawks’ kicker, Jason Meyers, to be involved in a tragic (but timely) “Final Destination”-esque accident. Neither of these options would pan out, and Meyers put up a solid 9 points to T-Cole’s zilch and Garroppollo’s single TD + his share of a two point conversion. 33-12 is how it would finish. The Bobcats improve to 8-2, but still have the Killers on their tail. Next week sees them take on the desperate Drillers. Over in Garthdee and Donnie’s side slip to 3-7 and are now in full-blown playoff mode, surely needing to win out otherwise it will be no playoffs for the sixth year in a row. Commiserations to Donald – for being a Redskins’ fan as well as this loss. And congratulations to Rudi who nips out ahead in the RSS… at 1-0.


Doomster's Do A (Big) Number On The Lions

JL8 QB Lamar Jackson in full flight on his 47 yard TD run.

In the Grand National ALFF Bowl, the runners and riders are out of the Canal Turn and heading towards Melling Road, and in the lead is Adamski (Almost, out of Sight) and one length behind is Rory (Fishing Boat, out of Harbor) with the rest all bunched up behind, vying for the final places... but take some succour me hearties especially the newbies, over the years there has been many a rider waaaay out in front on the final stretch,  only to fall at Valentines, and many an old nag  has come from nowhere to be ridden into glory down the final strait. I should know, I was that jockey a few years back. Anyroads, this week I've been given the Donkey Derby between the reigning champs JL8 and the 2016 winners Laurel Lions to write about, and in truth, even though Coach Crankshaft has found this season a bit of a struggle so far but even Ronnie would agree (actually maybe he wouldn't, but that's another story for another day) that fortune was shining on him as James' Laurel Lions had five players with first team experience on a bye for this weeks game, and it showed up in the Lion's performance which  amassed only seven Justin Tucker points.......  "Old Man Gore" made his first start of the season, Geronimo Allison returned and Zach Pascal - hithertoo only the second ALFF player to be named after a brand of sweets, the other being Trebor Siemian- all came in and departed pretty damn quick. The glue factory is thataway-->   Would it have mattered in the end if the Lions had their first team all availble? I think not as Ronnie cranked it up (see what I did there?) to score forty seven points. Where shall we begin? Well Lamaar Jackson puts bums on seats and points on the board, doesn't he? The recalled quarterback threw touchdown throws from the two, the seventeen and the twenty plus a forty seven yard solo effort started the ball rolling, and the massive Derrick Henry bulldozed his way to 188 yards and two touchdowns, including one from the sixty eight yard line,  Tyreek Hill snared an eight yarder and Willie Lutz (you can a cream for that from your GP... prevents asparagus tips I believe) had a trio of field goals. Oh almost forgot... the 49ers recovered a fumble of their own after recovering a fumble from Russell Wilson. something like that anyway. Final score JL8 47@07 Laurel Lions. So where does that leave them? The Lions hold the tie break over the Blades, BUT there remaing three games are against teams with a combined 14-16 record while Stuie's Blades opponents are 10-20. Gonna be tough I would think, but one victory could be enough for at least a  wild card. Ronnie's Jellyeight outfit are rock bottom of the Granite, which is a hard place to be but CalX up next and a victory would make then 5-6, but Broch BC's and Arnhall make for a hard couple of games. Till next week, ciao.



Sleeper of the Week

Outside of the Posse @ Rising game the smallest winning margin this week was the 13pt margin in the Blades 39-26 decision over the Braves….. so no prizes for guessing where the Sleeper focus fell. I have already defended coach Marty’s decision to go with Drew Brees ahead of Kyler Murray.. but his decision  not to recall his 3rd ranked LA Rams D unit and go with the Chiefs not so much. The net missing 8pts earns coach Garioch Snr and his Rams D the virtually season ending Sleeper of the Week.


Player of the Week

Two candidates for Player of the Week stood out in a very deep field. 12pt receiving performances don’t come round that often….but while the Steelers Christian Kirk’s round dozen was very notable… it didn’t quite out do the effort from  Blades QB Daniel Jones.  When you draft a back-up passer you do so on the basis you hope you never really need him… and if you do he gets you something around the 9pt mark. Well this time round Blades backup Daniel Jones not only made his ALFF debut as stand-in for title chasing Desean Watson but he truly nailed it with a 16(3)pt contribution that made all the difference in a key Westburn win over the Argyll Apaches. For those who care his points came on 4 TD tosses  of 5, 39, 61 and 15 yards … with a “half” of a successful 2pt attempt as a little chaser.


Play of the Week

Eight point plays are hard to beat when it comes to the Play of the Week discussion but Derrick Henry’s 68 yard gallop was kind of lost in the noise of a huge 47pt output from the JL8 this week. Qualifying 12pt plays on the other hand have been about as rare as respected politicians this term. So… step up again Daniel Jones ….! His 61 yard strike to Broch Bobcats WR Golden Tate was a factor in both sides Week 10 successes and is the Week 10 Play of the Week.










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