Week 10

A dramatic and highly entertaining Week 10 programme saw a little bit of movement at the likely top end of the play-off picture, a total muddying of the Pittodrie Division waters and the first elimination....  as the Wrecking Rebels became the first nailed on no-show for the 2017 post season party. Three of our six games went down to the wire on Monday night with the Arnhall Dolphins thrilling 22-20 comeback win over the Argyll Apaches arguably the most significant in terms of its effect on both the Bon Accord & Granite Division races. Coming as it did on the back of earlier wins for the 2 Minute Drillers and Kincorth Killers, coach Sutherland's comeback triumph not only kept him on a par with Div rival coach McGeachy Jnr at 8-2, but also swung the Bon Accord pendulum significantly in the 2 Minute Drillers direction. With a tie break over the 7-3 Apaches the Commissioner's Crew can now afford a loss in their remaining 3 fixtures and still retain their BA crown. The combination of the 2017 "big fours" results pretty much ensured the best wildcard single bye week will now almost certainly emerge from either the BA or Granite Div groupings ... which means one side currently 7-3 or better will have to battle through from a pure wildcard berth. Over in the Pittodrie Division things could not have gone much worse for coach Kiwi. Not only was he soundly beaten by the Drillers ( a side he has tormented in the past) but wins for both of the Flying Garioch Brothers brought all three sides within one game of each other as we enter the home straight. Coach Marty's thrilling, big play ridden, 42-39 win over the surprisingly punchy Deevale Desperados saw the founder coach take over as Pittodrie Div leader and held promise of good things to come in the remaining weeks of his 2017 campaign. Post season glory has so far eluded the host of the annual draft.. could this finally be the year the Caledonia Express come good ? Post Zeke,  the Posse  and the 2 Minute Drillers are attracting a lot of clever money in Vegas. The Baylers's 24-15 success over the Scunthorpe Steelers brought the Garthdee Grypons nicely into the body of the kirk, with a PDiv title not totally out of the equation,  and shut down a lot of potential wildcard doors for the likes of the Laurel Lions and the Steelers themselves. Although his Desperados suffered a painful high scoring loss , coach Cruickshank now holds the key to the last golden ticket. Occupying the current 8th seed slot the Dan in Chief has tie breaks over both main challengers and can afford to lose one his remaining fixtures irrespective of what the opposition do, and still force admittance. Coach Hamilton's Laurel Lions are best placed to spoil the Deevale plans... but a Week 11 match-up against the Steelers is close to  a must win for the champions at this stage. The Cove Bay Pirates kept their season alive as they came out on top 23-22 in an exciting elimination Bowl against the Wrecking Rebels, the second of whom exit stage right as the first confirmed casualties of 2017. Coach Inkster has more than his fair share of heartbreak losses in his rookie season... so there was more than a bit of ying & yang involved in that one. Scoring , certainly by 2017 standards was high (311pts).. which points us in the direction of the lowest season total since 2006 without falling to record levels that looked possible at one stage. The individual title races are coming to the boil nicely and can be followed weekly in Title Watch. As things stand the odds are very much in favour of a more mature HC getting his name on the Steven Wood in our 25th anniversary season.. with two "oldies" perhaps doing so for the first. Coaches Bothwell and McGeachy Jnr make take exception to that. Week 11 flows swiftly into the Week 12 Thanksgiving fixture... which seems to suddenly accelerate us towards the RS finishing line. Its not going to be the usual  wild Commissioner's slide rule requiring  finish to the RS campaign this term at the wildcard end of the spectrum... but there could still be be plenty drama at the sharp end of things. 60 games gone... 25 to go... bar the Mac's² it could still be YOU !!!


RamPant Drillers Blitz Blades

Davante Adams scores for the Drillers on a 19 yard grab.

With his victory over the Apaches last week, the Commish drew level with the Braves but owns the head to head, but with Geach the Elder's last three games being against teams with a combined 5-25 record, the smart money was still on the Argyll based outfit to come through on top IF they could beat the 'Phins. If. Jim's run of victory now stretches to six after this match up between the leagues two top scoring teams. Jim chose to go with Jared Goff  at QB instead of Drew Brees, a move which was a big risk considering the importance of the game. Jimbo watched the 'aints rack up 47 points with Brees contributing........null points, zilch zero nada then sat back with his double sarsapirilla -in a dirty glass, natch- as Goff proceeded to throw for three touchdowns in less than nine third quarter minutes, including one from 94 yards out.  Such are the decisions we make. Jim also decided to dispense with the services of Legarrette Blount and recalled Devin Funchess for his first start since the Boer War and guess what? Funchess  scored two TDs. Greg Zuerlein had a bit of a career day with four field goals (including one from the 50) and three extra points. Total drillers score of 38, and that would normally be enough to guarantee a win, but Coach Kiwi's team has racked up in excess of that three times this year, but they need Leonard Fourtnette to turn up to do this, but alas and alack, he never. The Blades blow very hot and fairly cold and today was one of the days when the chill factor was set too high for Coach Kiwi's liking...the Big2RB of Laughing Len and Shady went scoreless, as did Tavis Taylor at QB and it was left to Tight Ends Jimmy Graham and Evan Engram to muster three TDs between them, along with an eight point showing from Detroit kicker Matt Prater and a safety from the Seahawks D when Adrian Petersen was stuffed in his own endzone. Final score: Drillers 38-19 Blades. What does it all mean? Well that result pushes the Blades into second place in the Pittodrie Division and in the middle of a Flying Garioch Brothers sandwich....(I can't unthink that image now,darn it.....) ..... and Stuie has an emminently loseable fixture against the Killers next THEN what could be a pennant deciding fixture against the CalX in the penultimate round of games. Personally I think this is Marty's to lose, but what do I know? The Blades are as likely to put up 40 points as fifteen. As for Jimbeaux, two more victories and the Bon-Accord is his again but the Apaches do not do giving up, so 100% concentration is required for the next three games, but in the real world, this is 95% done, the defeat against Arnhall in what was a must win has left the Braves with too much to do. Until next weeek, Ciou.


Nautical Themes Are So In Right Now

(aka Which Coach Said F Phin Thomas !!??)

Arnhall win 22-20 on this 2 yard Julius Thomas TD catch.

With Coach Pugwash still on a cruise and submitting his team lines via a “message in a miniature bottle of Malibu”, you would have to wonder if the recent news of Zeke Elliot’s lengthy suspension might have enduced a little bit o’ sea sickness. The landlubber’s antics forced a switch to veteran mariner, Matt Forte, to help steady the ship. “Is this going to be one of those terrible pun-based reports?” – why yes, dear reader. Yes it is. Back on dry land and the Geacher was ringing the changes for the right reasons with no less than four players returning from bye weeks, including Le’Veon Bell and Stephen Gostkowski.
The Madfish was the first to weigh anchor, as Russell Wilson put up two scores on Thursday night. When the Braves kicking game could only muster 4 points off the boot of Catanzaro, you may have been forgiven for thinking that the floodgates were about to open. Ty Montgomery bolstered that theory with a TD run in Sunday’s early action, but the waters were calm until the second round of action. Adam Theilen pulled a score back for the Apaches, and a  rushing score from Dak Prescott made sure that these seas were getting choppy. Sunday’s late phase saw a tip to the starboard side, as a TD catch for Demaryius Thomas was wiped out by a leviathan 11points for Stephen Gostkowski, to edge the Phins towards the plank with the scores at 20-19 going into Monday night. With the Carolina D still to come against Jay “Cutlass” (ok, that was poor) there was a very real chance of a comeback. All seemed lost. But then, AVAST! Off the port bough came the forgotten man, the Flying Floridian himself! - … Julius Thomas?! Having gone 8 weeks of the NFL season without a score, his first TD in week 9 earned him a spot at #3 on the Madfish’s teamsheet and he duly delivered on a 2 yard dump TD to snatch the tie from the clutches of Coach McGeachy and return the booty over the high seas to Arnhall. They stay on course for the Granite Division title at 8-2, while Mikey must be feeling keelhauled after 2 straight defeats have dragged the Apaches from the crows’ nest of 7-1 to the “depths” of 7-3 and needing the Drillers to drop two games over the last three and could even be reduced down to a pure wildcard! Funny old game, innit? The Geacher has now lost 4 straight in the RS against Pugwash (not won since 2012), who is running (or swimming) hot on a 4 game win streak. Did you hear about that fish that was knighted by the Queen the other week? Like this article; it was Sir Eel. GOOD NIGHT AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH!


Lions Pride Dented As Killers March On

Matt Bryant boots a big 50 yard FG for the Killers.

The Laurel Lions grip on the ALFF title is now slender indeed. The defending champions went into this one on 3-7, and knew that a defeat, whilst not the end of the world, was certainly entering squeaky bum territory. Coach Hamilton was coming off a week nine mauling, and needed to get things back on track. Out went Eli Manning and DeMarco Murray (more of that later) and in came Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ameer Abdullah, the latter to try and kick start the #12 ranked running game. Stefon Diggs was recalled after his bye week and the Pittsburg D substituted for the Eagles on their week off. Succop retained the kickers berth. The Killers also made changes. Geacher the Younger (sounds very Latin), had Brady back after his bye week and brought in Howard in the backfield to replace Peterson, due to tactical reasons. Joe Mixon retained the other slot. Golden Tate and Emmanuel Sanders came in at wide out thanks to bye weeks. How would this effect the #1 ranked WR corps? Vegas favoured the Killers by 3. Sunday night action saw the whole picture untangle and unwind, as the night progressed. Tom Brady got over his, previous Mile High woes with 3 scoring passes. He found his men from 14, 11 and 6 yards as he went 25 of 34 for 266 yards including 1 sack, thus helping to disprove a theory about the effect of altitude, on the pressure of balls….at least according to the Commish. I could not possibly comment.. The Lions reply was a 6 yard passing score for Fitzpatrick. He finished with 17 of 34 for 187 yards, inc an interception and a sack. Six points in arrears the Lions required something from their, much maligned, running game. Abdullah’s 8 yard run was just what was needed and gave them six points, but it could have been so much better. The inactive Murray scoring on 2 short yardage runs and also catching a 7 yard pass. Had he been picked in place of Miller, then who knows? Joe Mixon put the Killers back in command with a 3 yard run before Golden Tate stretched that lead with a 40 yard catch. Diggs clawed back 3 points with a 3 yard reception of his own, but this one was getting away from the Lions. The game was firmly put to bed as Succop was limited to a 44 yard FG and 3 PATs, meaning anything his opponent got would win the game. Bryant sunk a 50 yarder and then one from 29 as well as 3 PAT’s of his own, and this one was history. The 2017 Lions are having a right old time of things. They are ranked last in the running back and big play departments, and it is beginning to hurt. Coach Hamilton must wonder what he needs to do with Murray. Every time he is dropped… he pops up and scores, and then when he is picked, he dry gulches. The same goes for his kicker…and second guessing is an imprecise science at best. Week 11 will see them clash with the Steelers, and that may still have an outside chance of play off action. A wild card is without doubt the best they can hope for, but it is still better than nothing. The Killers improve to 8-2, with a 3rd straight victory. They have a play-off ticket firmly in  their grasp but will be aiming for the pennant and a lie week, if not two. Mixon has improved their running game, but they need more of similar. They lead the RSS 3-0. The next 3 games will go a long way towards deciding their fate. They meet the Blades in week 11, knowing that the Dolphins win over the Apaches, has kept coach Sutherland right on his shoulder . They will  meet Mad fish and his crew in week 13 in what looks like a showdown for the Divisional enchilada.  So here comes the home stretch. Once again the, size challenged, chanteuse is ratcheting up through the chorus somewhere in the wings as we head into the last three. Anything can happen, and on a par with this season, probably will. Here goes nothing then!!



Player of the Week

Not since the far off day of the Hogs and John Riggins have I seen an NFL team simply run the ball down the throat of the opposition as mercilessly as the Saints did to the Bills last week... with even the back-ups continuing the success. A major part of that was the Posse's Mark Ingram ... his bruising style earning him TD's from 1 , 3 and 3 yards ... and it really could have been more. Ingram's 18pts were a major factor in coach Marty's  Division changing win over the Deevale Desperados... and wins the ball carrier the Week 10 POW prize. 



Play of the Week

The 2 Minute Drillers v Westburn Blades and the Deevale Desperados v Caledonia Express games were always going to be hugely influential in shaping the direction both the BA and Pittodrie Div races (not to mention the wildcard race)... and more than halfway through the late Sunday action both games were balanced on a knife edge ... with the Blades and Dans both holding slender leads. Then Drillers QB Jared Goff hit Posse WR Robert Woods for a 94 yard TD that swung the respective match-ups the eventual winners way. Goff to Woods 94 yards... a play of the week in every sense.


Sleeper of the Week

When coach Hamilton does a deep dive on his teams 2017 performance he's going to find a lot of unclaimed points that could have given his title defence a whole different feel... but we have all been there... a guy on your bench scores... you play him for weeks.. he gets nothing... you drop him... he scores big !! That's the story of this weeks SOW. RB Demarco Murray was the Lions 2nd Rd draft choice (13th player taken overall) after his stellar year with the Drillers in 2016. In six starts for the defending champions this term Demarco failed to trouble the scorers.. but when dropped in Wk's 3 and 8 ...  has scored both times. This week James called time on the veteran in exasperation (there is some underperforming as an Eagle angst thrown into this mix !) ... and of course the RB scored on TD runs of 2 and 1 yard... before adding a 7 yard receiving score cherry. Murray's missed 15pts (net -15pts)... cost coach H big time in a 29-18 loss and scoops the Week 10 Sleeper award.


Stats That

Tom Brady (Kincorth Killers) moved past Randy Moss into 3rd place in the All Time RS appearance list with his 159th RS outing.


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Gryphons Steel A March On The Scunthorpe Boys

Gryphons QB Kirk Cousins scores his 2nd rushing TD on a 2 yard keeper.

Another NFL/ALFF week and another week ruined! That’s the sad state of affairs your humble scribe has descended to. The good news is that misery loves company and the respective head coaches of the Steelers and the Gryphons have been suffering from the same torpor. Speak about the doldrums; these sides have been becalmed for 5 weeks without a win; this week something had to give as they were in direct opposition. How to break out of this slump, well, surprisingly the Steelers did a Sherlock Holmes on us. Expect the unexpected was a phrase often used by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and it has seldom been more prophetically used by anyone; until the team sheet was entered by the Steelers head coach Adamski! His solution was to turn to the Browns. Yes, that’s correct you didn’t misread that, the Browns. Already light at the QB position, Jameis Winston’s ongoing shoulder injury meant DeShon Kizer (I swear the Sherman’s just make these names up as they go along or maybe they simply can’t spell!) was all the cupboard held. Apparently after opening said cupboard old Mother Hubbard committed suicide! Our Adamski is made of sterner stuff, though he has been known to make that costly statement of some past ALFF alumni, to wit “he’ll never play for me again”. This was applied to kicker Blair Walsh and to be fair he wasn’t selected however the only other kicker on his roster was Giorgio Tavecchio who was on his bye with the rest of the Raiders. What to do? Well Adamski is a man of his word so there was no Walsh on the team sheet, but there was a Tavecchio. I commend and salute this honourable but ultimately futile gesture. This action coupled with the Hail Mary selection of a Brown at QB might be an indicator that the bye week Gods had forced the Steelers to write this game off. Don’t believe me? Well Kareem Hunt was on his bye so Carlos Hyde of the 49ers replaced him at RB and his WR corps was also devastated to the point that Eric Decker and Jordan Mathews were on the team sheet. So to recap, the Steelers had selected players from both the Browns and 49ers, and no kicker; no, I can’t credit the suggestion that this one was posted in! Over Garthdee way head Coach Peter Griffin had comparatively little problem with his team selection vis-à-vis bye week drama; at WR Randall Cobb came in for Travis Kelce and Patrick Murray replaced handy pick up Jake Elliot at kicker. Yes, these changes were bye week enforced but there was no discernible drop off with these selections and there was nary a Brown or 49er in sight. To the game then, and if the Vegas view was to be correct this was going to be a snorefest with points at a premium; the Gryphons were 2 point favourites assuming that this total could be reached. The early running back battle was to be encouraging for the Steelmen as Alvin Kamara (hopefully no relation to the former English footballing twat that does the betting adverts) found the end zone for 6 points putting to bed the low scoring scenario. (You might not be impressed by 6 points but some of us are at that stage where we’d kill for a running back to score!) Alas his teammate Carlos Hyde had nothing to add to proceedings; remember that comment about misery and company? The Gryphons rushing attack came out in sympathy for Carlos and consequently neither Devontae Freeman nor Chris Thompson made any impression on the scorecard. The WR battle was a thrilling affair and really made must see TV; I think those of you that’ve read any of my reports before will know what’s coming. The Steelers trio of K Benjamin ,E Decker and J Mathews lived up to the pre-match hype and flopped so badly a fluffer was called for; if the Gryphons were having a chuckle at this prodigious failure then D Baldwin, R Cobb and J Mathews joined the queue for this ladies services as they also failed to get started. That’s right no points for any WR! When neither team could manage a defensive score this was rapidly turning into a game which would prove difficult to report on with any enthusiasm. The kicking battle? The Gryphons P Murray had a solid 9 point outing and the Steelers chose not to enter that contest! With only the QB’s to come the score sat at 9 – 6 for the Gryphons, leading to a question I never thought I’d pose, ever! Could a Browns QB not called Bernie Kosar lead his team to victory? Well surprisingly young Master Kizer made a good impression and netted a respectable 9 points to give the Scunthorpe side hope and a 15 – 9 lead.  “You like that, you like that, you like that?” came the response from the Gryphons favourite QB Kirk Cousins on his way to a game winning 15 point night. (To this question Peter Griffin was heard singing an old ABBA song, but I can’t vouch for that – the singing part!) In the end a 24 – 15 victory eases the pressure a bit on the Gryphons who move to 5 – 5 for the season and this win snaps a 2 game losing streak; the post season beckons and the likelihood is that only 1 more win will be required. (The loss of Devontae Freeman to injury might be problematic though). Alas the Steelers drop their 5th straight game and are now in a real dog fight with the equally limited Dans for a wildcard spot; in what looks to be a franchise worst year at 2 -8 every game from now on fits the must win scenario.  They can take heart that it’s not over until Rebel Wilson sings! THE Gryphons lead the RSS 2 – 1.


Pirates Pat's Play Is A Rebel Wrecker

Pirates special teamer Dion Lewis skips down the sideline on a game breaking 103 yd KOR.

Monday night football  has not been too kind to the Cove Pirates but coach Inkster had the last laugh in this Week 10 Elimination Bowl  as his charges just held on Monday to see off the Wrecking Rebels 23-22 and send the 2016 runners-up crashing out of the 2017 reckoning. Ahead by 10pts Matthew saw opposing RB Christian McCaffrey close the gap to just 1pt on the back of a TD run and 2 yard TD reception but that was as close as the  New Rebs got as the  Pirates held on to record  a welcome  2nd victory. Little Bill  could have been forgiven for throwing in  the towel  on his rookie season given the nature of some of his losses but there was no evidence of that as he made the changes for this must win match-up. The return of  RB Jeris McKinnon saw the “other” Cove head honcho stay with a 2RB set...  while he was buoyed by a similar return of WR duo Antonio Brown & Hunter Henry and kicker Chris Boswell. Significantly Matthew also opted to re-instate his  New England D after a short dabble with his Dallas unit. The coaches McConnachie, coming off their  1st win of  a testing term, were a little tardy with their team selection (again) but when it did come in , saw the re-inclusion of Gronk and their   Bolts trio. With Zac Ertz on a bye,  rookie Kenny Golloday was added at WR3. The Pirates by chance  have been a very early period focussed team throughout the campaign and although not as pronounced as it has been previously it was all about the Granite Div cellar dwellers in the opening Sunday phase. QB Matt Stafford was the stand-out, scoring on TD tosses of 8, 29 and 40 yards...  while just as importantly ignoring Golloday in the red zone. Chris Boswell padded the Pirates score-line to 15pts with a pair of comfortable FG’s  although another fat doughnut for Antonio Brown had to be a disappointment for the first year coaching crew. On the other side of the ball the New Rebs  LA Bolt’s collective barely raised an eyebrow after their two week lay-off, taking the game into the late Sunday action with the  Big Mac’s staring at the first elimination spot , down 00-15.  QB Matt Ryan took  a little time to warm up in the second stanza but gave his side some hope with a pair of short TD throws but it was the output of the sides respective Giants that proved pivotal.  Pirates ball carrier Orleans Darkwa was active without looking threatening  , so a  pair of swift Aldrick Rosas FG’s  and a PAT looked to have set the Bon Accord outfit on track to take care of business. However it all went south  for the G men in a grim second half in Santa Clara. Rosas set the tone by missing a 34yd FG wide right ... and from there the Niners took the game away from the Giants. When a garbage time score did come.... instead of lining up for a PAT that would have closed the deficit in the ALFF match-up to 14-15... Orleans Darkwa barrelled in on the 2pt attempt to make it 17-13 to young Matthews charges. With Christian McCaffrey to come on Monday those 2pts might have seemed almost insignificant.... but when  Cove special teamer Dion Lewis scampered 103 yards down the Mile High sideline in the NBC phase suddenly a beatable 4pt deficit had become a more meaningful 10pts. As we have seen,  McCaffrey put up 9pts in Charlotte  and the game was up for the New Rebs. The Pirates improve to 2-8 and live to fight another day although they are just one Desperados win from the Wrecking Rebels on the discard pile. Progression to the post season is still highly improbable but coach Inkster has the chance to finish with a flourish and put a better sheen on his rookie campaign. The Wrecking Rebels fall from 2016 runners-up to first team out just twelve months later, has been painful to watch. Since combining their coaching talents the Mac’s ² seemed to have ditched a dual weakness for loading up on rookies on draft day... but a glance down their 2017 roster flags up 8 asterisks out of a possible 17 offensive players.  The selection of two rookie kickers in particular proving  fatal. The limiting effect that has on week on week team selections, given few are walk on starters ... not to mention a self imposed aversion to Thursday starters undoubtedly played a significant part in their  current 1-10 record and their unwanted 1st  team out tag. The 1st pick in the 2018 draft is not yet confirmed  but  it will be a shock if their name is not called first at Posse HQ next September. Over the season Melvin Gordon was the club MVP with some notable assistance from Rob Gronkowski, although his 18pts thus far seems scant return from a No1 draft pick. The recent emergence of Christian McCaffrey will stand the Rosemount based  franchise in good stead  as a shoe in retained player... but with a 2nd Rd tag going forward  will not come at the discounted rate some HC’s like from their retained players. Other than it was some steady Eddy stuff from QB Matt Ryan and a sprinkling of Zac Ertz ... but without  a kicking game  or even an attempt to pick up  a veteran on waivers,  the New Rebs were doomed.   At the time of writing the Big Mac’s only twice reached the 2017 MWS of 24pts... and have not yet scored in the 30pts range. Three weeks left and the Wrecking Rebels have only pride and the role of potential  spoilers to play for.



Posse Make A Mark As They Down Dans

Robert Woods has only zebra Boris Cheek for company on his huge 94 yard TD  catch & dash.

The Caledonia emerged from one the most dramatic match-ups of the season  42-39 winners as kicker Graham Gano just did enough to hold off the charging Deevale Desperados in a nerve shredding Monday night climax in Charlotte. Ahead 33-31 going into a Monday night mano a mano between Gano and the Dans last man RB Kenyan Drake it seemed the steady kicker had put the issue beyond doubt with a swift 40 Yd FG and 4 subsequent PAT’s. However t the running back had other ideas and brought his side right back into contention with a stunning  66 yard TD run and with the game poised on a knife edge at 40-39 , it took two further Gano XP’s to steady the  Express ship  and steer a course for a massive victory. Drake had two more red zones touches inside the closing moments ... but could not conjour up a further match changing score. Ironically the pre-match punditry has suggested no big individual performances ... and few points for the Desperados ! Coach Garioch Jnr recalled early season points scorer RB Mike Gillislee  and emerging rookie Juju Smith-Schuster after the pairs respective bye weeks while newly re-signed Robert Woods was immediately slotted in at the WR3 berth with title chasing Tyreek Hill resting. Missing key contributor  QB Carson Wentz,  the Desperate One handed QB Brett Hundley his first taste of ALFF action while re-signed RB Kenyan Drake replaced the ineffective Aaron Jones. Forgotten man of coach C’s once fabled all retained WR stable  (aka the all IR crew) Sammy Watkins came off the bench in place of Cooper Kupp in a straight Rams wideout flip flop. Ronnie had little faith in his starting eights ability to mount much of a challenge... and Vegas were in agreement  listing the Pittodrie outfit as the weeks largest 4pt favorites. The fact the ALFF money had got the nature of this contest wrong was apparent from the outset. Despite some heavy lifting from the Posse’s Mark Ingram  the Granite Divisions outfit raced to an eye row arching 28-24 early Sunday lead. Veteran A J Green  set the tone for the Dans with a huge 70 yard TD.. but their main output was provided by their Cheesehead duo. Brett Hundley was allowed a little more scope than in his previous (NFL) outings and while the signal-caller was held to just  one passing score (a 19 yarder), his general improvement in moving the ball, set up K Mason Crosby for a  seasons best 13pt contribution that had a 50 yard FG (one of three ) as its main feature. Throw in a 44 Yd fumble return from the Dans Detroit defence.. and suddenly coach C’s outfit were more than making a game of this. Mark Ingram was the Posse’s answer as he scored on no fewer than 3 short TD runs ( it could have been more had the Saints Josh Hill not fumbled on the 3 yard line)and although Juju Smith-Schuster again proved his value with a 7 yard counter , a lowly 3pts from Marcus Mariota left the Posse trailing despite the ball carrier’s heroics. Into the late stanza and it was purely a battle of wideouts at the LA  Coliseum. On one hand we had Dans top rated DeAndre Hopkins and Sammy Watkins while the Cove based combo had Robert Woods . Hopkins was largely held in check by the Rams defence but it was Woods who won the head to head between the LA pass catchers. A 94 yard score from Woods put the Posse in front and although Watkins responded with a 17 ayrd effort.. Woods put the Express ahead for good with his 2nd score of the night a more sedate 12 yard grab. Mike Gillislee returned a goose egg in the NBC phase at the new Mile High setting up the Monday night drama described earlier. Marty’s boys improve to 6-4 and with the Westburn Blades getting ripped up by the Drillers take over as Pittodrie Div leaders for the first time since Wk 6. With their ground game in the groove , a WR corp heavy on big plays and a steady kicker this version of the Posse may be in the best shape any Cove based side has ever been heading for the post season. One more win will seal the Express’ play-off ticket.. with their Week 12 clash against the Blades looking like the pennant decider. The Desperate Ones drop to 4-6 on the back of their best score of the campaign... having recorded the 2nd highest score of the Week across the League. The Kincorth based outfit are still in the last wildcard berth  and hold a tie break over the chasing Lions... so still look have the inside track on playing in December. However with two 8-2 sides up in their next two outings it may go down to wire at Deevale.  Marty leads the RSS between the two coaches at 10-6.