Week 11

For reasons I can’t quite get my head around Week 11 is a traditional NFL points desert and this year was no exception with our League following suit in the lowest scoring week of the campaign by some margin. There were six NFL teams off on bye’s but that happens in other weeks without the same recurring effect, so someone  will have to explain that one to me !!?   Only two sides, the Blades & JL8  cleared the 30pt hurdle both taking big strides toward making the post season short list… although neither can claim to confirmed at this point,  with the champs still having a lot of work to do at 5-6. The Kincorth Killers did lay claim to the 3rd guaranteed knock-out berth as they saw off the disappointing Argyll Apaches in this year’s Geacher Bowl and with the 2 Minute Drillers grinding out a win over long time Granite Division leaders the Broch Bobcats it is suddenly “game back on” in this season’s winningest grouping. If the Killers win in Week 12 , irrespective of what coach Taylor’s side do, the GDiv will go down to the wire. Coach McGeachy Jnr’s outfit strengthened their claim for the ALFF Point Title. The Drillers success allied to that Apaches loss took a little bit of pressure off the unconvincing Commissioners Crew but they are still half a game from making the play-offs for sure , with the Pittodrie Div’s Laurel Lions and the aforementioned Blades both joining them on the 6-5 mark. The Lions 35-08 demolition of the top ranked Steelers rating as the best performance of the week and keeps them astride the PDiv  albeit on tie break only.  That makes six sides above the .500 mark at this point but with everyone in the GDiv 5-6 or better there is a scenario where all 4 sides from that four make the post season bash… with one “other” 6-7 finisher exiting stage right. The  Garthdee Gryphons  kept  themselves afloat with a key 24-13 win over the Wellington Rising that left both side tied on 4-7 along with Argyll Apaches but with those three on the outside looking in,   Week 12 will largely dictate if we are setting up for a final RS frenzy… or see a large part of the final picture completed. Marty’s Caledonia Express were confirmed as the  first name on the four team no show list after their one sided loss to the JL8. With scoring down over two straight weeks we are still on track for a 4000pt campaign but new marks at any single position now seen most unlikely with more focus on breaking the 1000pt barrier at both QB and RB. All four individual title battles have tightened up with the clever money on four new names on the ALFF Honor Roll … which some may see as a portent of things to come in the biggest prize of all. With Week 13 scheduled on Thanksgiving this time round , the final two weeks will go by in a blur. The fat lady is now making her way to the stage. 66 games down 19 to go… .. still 11 potential winners !!!!




Ain't No Resting On These Laurels !

QB Josh Allen scored 15pts for the Lions.

Half a game from being confirmed as the #1 seed and having already been assured of the division pennant and a double bye-week break, Vegas still expected the Scunthorpe Steelers to be victorious in week 11. Given those circumstances, coupled with some big bye-week absences, they could be forgiven for resting on their laurels for a week – and rest on them they did. Speaking of “Laurels”, it was the Laurel Lions who were able to take full advantage of Adamski’s productive lull, with a crucial 35-08 victory. The Steelmen were missing Aaron Jones at RB and opted for a four WR set with Watkins and Hollywood Brown filling in the gaps. The Lions also had to ring the bye-week changes, but when your back-up is Josh Allen going against the colander-like Miami defence, I doubt that the enforced change would have had Coach Jamesie crying into his Frosties. The Eagles D, Sony Michel, Mo Sanu, Zach Ertz and Kyle Rudolph completed the almost wholesale changes to the side. The Lions jumped out to a huge (and eventually “insurmountable”) lead from the get-go, with Josh Allen taking full advantage of the smorgasboard of opportunities provided to him in Florida on throws of 40, 20 and 9 plus an 8 yard run for 15 points. Marlon Mack then scored his first ALFF TD of the campaign before bowing out with a fractured hand for 6, Kyle Rudolph made the most of a blown coverage for a TD grab and Justin Tucker made 2 FGs and 5 PATs for 11 points. On the Scunthorpe side of the equation, the scoresheet was resembling a bowl of Cheerios going into Sunday night before Greg Zuerlein posted 2 PATs and a FG for 5 points, so it was up to Sammy Watkins and Pat Mahomes to put up 30 points between them on a Mexican Monday Night against the Chargers. The tallest of tall orders, but if anyone can do it, it’s “Showtime”. Unfortunately for Coach Adam, Showtime was cancelled, as the duo turned in a surprisingly low 3 points between them and this game was DONE-ion rings. And so “The Lion King” (if nobody thought of that moniker until now, I am very surprised) returns to his Bridge Of Don-based Den with the W to keep them a tie-breaker ahead of the chasing Blades. The two sides interchange between the Xpress and Gryphons in the final two games of the season to decide the pennant. The Steelers drop to 9-2 but are still 3 ahead of the Drillers. Might there be slight concerns about the two “out of the blue” low scorers of late, or is that just some bye-week blips? Only time will tell.



Comic Cuts See Peter Griffin Put The Boot In

DB Marcus Williams takes a pick six 44 yards to the house for the Birds.

Welcome to my first Comedy Central Bowl featuring some of your favourite Family Guy & South Park characters but alas few real laughs for the head coaches of the Gryphons and the Rising, Peter Griffin & Leopold “Butters” Stotch respectively. In the interests of integrity I should state from the outset a serious bias towards the Colorado comedy but I assure you that this will not be reflected in my report…much! Pre kick-off this was a game that both sides sought victory in as the consequences of failure could prove terminal in respect of post-season aspirations; in fact there’s more chance of Spurs sacking Pochetino than the loser making the play-offs! Correction there’s more chance of Scotland qualifying for a major international football (the real McCoy not this gridiron floppers festival) tournament than the loser progressing. Okay I think I got away with that one so let’s move on to the respective team lines. The 3 – 7 Gryphons are most likely going to have to win all their remaining fixtures if they aren’t going to be at home watching the play-offs instead of taking part so step 1 was clearly to win this game even if they play Quahog ugly - the win was everything. To avoid the possibility of a Quahog ugly performance the Gryphons welcomed back RB James Conner & WR Jordan Reed and then the elephant in the room – no Donnie jokes here thank you very much – had to be addressed, which kicker to use? Why elephant I hear you ask? The Quahog maestro’s solution was to reinsert the untrustworthy Eddie Piniero and the Bears kicker – until next season – clearly wasn’t going to be acclaimed by the Gryphons faithful, especially in light of his own recent performances, as a potential game winner. So it wouldn’t be unfair to describe the Quahog element in the stadium as…unsettled! The Tawa Towers crowd could’ve been forgiven their “so what, you think you’ve got problems?” attitude as their heroes haven’t been faring much better; a 4 – 6 record has them in almost the same boat as the Gryphons and they had the additional problem in team selection due to bye week and injury considerations. With no Saquon Barkley – he was off impersonating, I forget where, a nightingale – Coach Stotch went for the old 4 WR set, usually a sound ploy when there are RB issues unless you also have injuries to important WR’s; unfortunately the Wellington outfit were going to be without the injured & influential George Kittle which saw the return of Dede Westbrook and to complete the 4 WR set promising rookie Terry McLaurin was given a start. The remaining changes to the Rising line-up saw the return from a bye week break of the Pats defence and kicker Josh Lambo. With the teams set and a warm antipodean night with no sign of bad weather available to be offered as an excuse by the loser, battle commenced. The first phase of the contest promised great things as the QB battle was both tight and high scoring; Gryphons trigger man Jimmy Garoppolo, despite looking very shaky for the whole 60 minutes, kept the score keepers busy with a 4 TD 12 point night but Butters Boys were not to be deterred and the diminutive – it’s maybe just me but he always looks to be dwarfed by the other players afield – Kirk Cousins had a 3 TD night of his own and as 1 of his scores was a pass that went for more than 49 yards he also earned 3 bonus points to have the QB battle tied at 12 apiece. A great start to the game had everyone in the stadium looking forward to a superior contest, the kind that has fans talking for years to come; it’s therefore with a heavy heart that I should inform you that the rest of this contest could easily have taken place on the 5th of November and a very wet one at that! The RB head to head should give you an idea of the fare to follow, the Gryphons RB1 James Conner had his evening terminated before half time due to a reoccurrence of his hamstring injury and colleague Tevin Coleman is one of those players that has 1 really big night in a season and the remainder is well, of little or no import and no prizes for spotting that he’s already had his night of glory! The Rising had hopes of yards and points from their sole entrant in the RB battle but Christian McCaffrey would only contribute to the former and end up like the Gryphons starters generating zero points. The WR battle was an improvement in proceedings but again not for the recumbent Rising, all 4 of their WR’s – Alshon Jeffrey, T J Hockenson, Terry McLaurin and Dede Westbrook – left the game as they entered it muttering something about that Richard Osman dude! Surely the Gryphons would seize their chance and put the game to bed here, cue Lee Corso; WR’s Jordan Reed & Kenny Golloday failed to make an impression but down Mexico way Travis Kelce spotted a taco in the end zone and was on it in a flash to secure 3 points for the somnolent Gryphons!  A 3 point lead for the Quahog side became 9 when their New Orleans D managed a score whilst counterparts the New England Cheats had an uneventful evening where cheating wasn’t required. Trailing by 9 points is nothing to worry about with just the kickers to come as a decent kicker can make very short work of such a deficit. To steal from Wishbone Ash or possibly yon Shakespeare fella “There’s The Rub”, neither of these sides has a kicker worthy of the name John Greig or Tommy Gemmell! For the Gryphons, Eddie Piniero missed more kicks than he scored from earning his side a total of  just 3 points and boosting their lead to 12 points; a lead that a competent kicker would scoff at. The return of Rising son Josh Lambo should’ve been just what the Doctor ordered; should’ve been but wasn’t as only a single point was scored by the under-utilised kicker. An ugly 24 – 13 win for the Quahog Family Guys sees them now at the heady heights of 4 – 7 but they must win their remaining 2 fixtures and hope for help elsewhere or another season bites the dust! The New Zealand outfit, having failed to do the double over the Fabulous Furry Garioch brothers, are now 4 – 7 and are in exactly the same situation, they must win their remaining games and hope results fall for them but the real issue the Rising faithful have is with their kicking game, in the last 3 outings the Rising’s kickers have amassed a total of just 6 points, yes an average of 2 points per game from your kicker will have you looking forward to next year’s draft in a trice! Of course acquiring a kicker might make all the difference to the Rising and I’ve a feeling that there may be trade talk on this subject err long. To put the decline of the ironically named Rising in perspective they have fallen out of the ALFF points title race of late due to recent low scores (15 & 13) which have mostly been the result of a poor kicking game. I hear the cheats Nick Folk might be on the trade block…… I think the Gryphons lead the RSS 1 – 0.


Bobcats Blown Out By Drillers


QB Jacoby Brissett scores on this 5 yard TD run for the Drillers.

We have reached that stage of the season where finding enough warm bodies, to suit up, becomes half the struggle. Bye week considerations combined with mounting injuries, makes selections even harder. The Drillers on 5-5 needed to win to halt a 4 game losing streak, and went up against a Bobcats side looking to clinch a, first ever, divisional pennant, and at the first time of asking. The Commish brought in Jacoby Brissett at QB, hoping he had regained fitness, and brought in Ty Williams for Ridley in a tactical change. The also added their, newly acquired, Buccaneers D in place of the Giants unit. The Bobcats had their own share of concerns. Drake was brought into the back field; Hopkins replaced Tate at wide out, with Nelson Agholor in for Hooper after his Injury. The perils of a thin roster played into this one as the Broch side had only Robbie Gould available as a kicker…and he was an injury doubt. This one was shoe horned into Sunday action, for the most part, and was pretty much done and dusted by the evenings close. Brissett repaid his coach with a 1 yard passing score as well as a 5 yard run as he finished with 15-24 for 148 yards and 1 sack. On the other side Matt Ryan has been in a team that has struggled all season and this was the case again as he connected on a lone 6 yard pass, finishing with 21 of 31 for 311 yards and 3 sacks. The evening went from bad to worse as Gould proved to be a no show. Randall Cobb connected on a 19 yard catch, but he was the, lone, outfield Bobcat to score on the night. The Drillers pulled away as Gurley went over for a 1 yard score and Michael Thomas hauled in a 16 yarder. The Driller kicker also had a quiet night as he was limited to a 31 yard FG (it did not help that his QB was 4 times within FG range and managed to turn the ball over, each time) That left Damien Williams facing Ekeler in Monday night action, but both players failed to trouble the scorers and this one was in the books. The Bobcats drop to 8-3 and post their lowest score of the season (18 in week 3 was their previous nadir). They have the Killers hot on their heels, and could face them in a, winner takes all match, in week 13. Week 12 will see them in action against the Doom-meisters, and a win in that one could go a long way towards, justifying their season. They also need to get out of a mini slump. The Drillers recover to 6-5 and are still a half game from play off action. This was a scrappy win, by their own admissions, but 1 in the win column is better that 1 on the loss sheet. They meet the Apaches in week 12 and a win would book a ticket to the play off party; a defeat, on the other hand, would leave them sweating into week 13. The Commish has been over this course on many occasions and will know what is required. So two weeks left in the RSS and places still to be decided. As I have said before, anything can happen, and probably will. This is the point of the season where you realise that the light at the end of the tunnel, REALLY is, an on-coming train.


 Braves Killed Off By Ton Up Kincorth ?

RB Dalvin Cook scores on a 3rd yard run for the Killers.

The Braves record in recent years has been a bit of mixed bag as they have finished anywhere in the three game bracket between 5-8 and 8-5 .. but one thing they have been able to rely on in the last 4 seasons is to be able to bank a big tick in the win box when it comes round to Geacher Bowl time. WELL… that four year sequence came to a crashing halt this time round as coach Geacher the Younger not only bagged a nailed on post season party  ticket but  stayed on track for a  bit of Granite Division pennant grand larceny as he exited the Reservation with a comfortable 27-19 win over the under performing Apaches. In the interest of being transparent , Vegas had really expected more of a contest, with the home side expected to push their higher ranked opponent right to the wire… but in reality it was never in doubt. With the Braves masquerading at the partial Los Angeles (at least for now) Chargers this game was always going to be about  the Killers establishing a position to allow champion Kicker Harrison Butker to defend a lead In Mexico on Monday … but in the event Butkicker could have stayed on his sofa rather than run the risk of contracting Montezuma’s revenge .. as his 6pts in the Azteca were not really needed. If you’re reading this Harrison.. (and you damn well should be as defending ALFF kicking champion !!!) .. please let us know if the Imodium was needed.. coz Phillip Rivers sure could have used some, but more of that later. Hostilities had opened on Thursday night with OBJ boosting his already strong ALLF Bust credentials with his 9th nul point in 10 outings  but Geacher the Younger has carried that cross all season long without being held back unduly and it was “same again Lorraine” here. This tie largely escaped the ravages of bye heavy NFL calendar so neither coach had that as an excuse … not that the Special K needed one. QB Dak  9pts Prescott  did what it said on the tin with 3 passing TD’s and there was also a long awaited first rushing score of the season for RB Joe Mixon (he’s caught 3 scores previously) to boost the KK total to 15pts.There might have been a few anxious moments in the both  camps as the Vikings were held scoreless in the first half of the opening Sunday action in the Twin Cities … but once they slipped into gear and Dalvin Cook came up with his “usual” 3 yard scoring scamper (with Apaches Kicker Dan Bailey now a non factor) this game was largely over. If Andrew had cause to Meldrew it would have been around a goose egg for WR Mike Evans who the pundits had fancied to get busy against a weakened Saints secondary plus the fact his only line-up change WR D J Moore also came up empty (while the benched Marvin Jones scored twice !). On Big G’s side of the ledger things were not so good.  Le’Veon Bell did finally repay his coaches extended faith in his No 1 pick with a 1 yard TD rumble and the unexpected bonus of a 15 yard TD PASS from WR Julian Edelman was useful but Bailey’s all XP 3pt contribution was well short of what his side needed and left them trailing 12-21 heading to the “Chargers show” in Mexico City. As we have seen it would have required Rivers, Gordon Allen and Defensive Co  to not only close that 9pt gap… but to extend it to the point Harrison Butker could not stay ahead .. and that did not prove feasible. Talking of Big Phillip I did promise to come back to you on his need for better bowel control… coz for the second straight week he stunk the house out. Best line I read about his performance was “ No 1 in the category – Most Rookie Mistakes by an over 35 year old !!”. To be fair he did manage the one late 7 yard hook up to Braves team-mate Keenan Allen (with his half on a successful 2pt attempt tacked on) .. but his propensity to throw INT’s ( seven in two games .. with about the same number again in “close things”) was a big factor in a  nada for Melvin Gordon , who was joined on that number by his defensive colleagues. Game over. Following the Bobcats upset loss at home to the Drillers,  the Killers now have their destiny back in their own hands. 2 closing wins against the Arnhall Dolphins and the aforementioned Brocher’s will catapult the three time’s League champions  to an unlikely 2 GDiv title in 3 years… an event that would dramatically shorten their odds in getting their hands on a 4th Steven Wood trophy. Riding a current League best 3 game winning streak and with his mainstay players all looking like they will play all the way down to the wire in the NFL , there is a growing confidence around the Special K camp. The 4-7 Braves are down but not out although this defeat did condemn the Argyll outfit to their first back to back losing seasons since 2014.  A Week 3 OT win over Div rivals the Drillers does give Geronimo a platform to overhaul the Commish… BUT… Big G has no wriggle room, needing both his side to win out and the Drillers to do the opposite to make it to the knock-out show.   Their Week 12 showdown provides the opportunity to knock off half of that sequence in one fell swoop.. but  the Braves will need to call on the Steelers to finish the job for them in that scenario. Andrew cuts his old boy’s  lead in the RSS  to 7-5  (7-6 AT ). Addendum : The Killers win was the 100th All Time for coach McGeachy Jnr AND they also reached the 5000 AT Points mark with Butker's FG.


Amped Champs Are Too Current For CalX

Jarvis Landry puts the JL8 ahead for good on Thursday.

Whether the JL8 go on a belated run deep into the play-offs or not , the Doomster in Chief will already have  taken some delectation in putting the final nail in the Caledonia Express’ 2019 hopes with a 31-12 victory that brought a premature end to coach Marty’s 28th season. It would be nice to record that the Express went out clawing, biting and scratching but I’m afraid it was anything but as the JL8 just proved to be a much better side on the day in a one sided contest. The Cove based CEO had rather greased the lever on the old ALFF Trap door on Thursday night with TNF starters Nick Chubb and Juju Smith-Schuster both coming up empty in a bad tempered affair at FirstEnergy Stadium…. with the Old Dolphins Are Us JL8 actually getting their collective noses in front thanks to a 1 yard counter from old coach Cruickshank favourite Jarvis Landry. Thereafter, things improved very little for a Posse side that has been in cling on mode for several weeks now. When RB Devonta Freeman didn’t suit up for the Falcons trip to Charlotte , coach Marty’s eyebrow arching decision to spin his trusty QB carousel one more time and pitch in Jared Goff ahead of Kyler Murray (or Drew Brees) became moot. The score-sheet will show that Goff failed to trouble the scorers leaving a 15 yard TD grab by Phillip Dorsett and a 9pt offering from K Brett Maher as the only CalX numbers on the card by the time we got to their KC duo In Mexico City. Neither Mecole Hardman of the Chiefs moved the needle an inch in the MNF finale.  The defending champions had no such problems. QB Lamar Jackson again led the way with  a 4TD , 12pt outing that underlined he has got touch throwing the ball (see I finally admitted it !) , his scoring tosses checking in at 15,18, 25 and 12 yards respectively.  RB Carlos Hyde , bye week flopping with Derrick Henry added six more at the same venue on an impressive 41 yard scoring run while an excellent opening period for the Framlington-on-Sea combo was completed by K Wil Lutz booting 2 FG’s and 4 PAT’s for an overall 10pt haul at Raymond James. Added to Landry’s little cameo on Thursday,  that swelled the champions total to 31pts and brought the bacon home early ( veggie bacon of course) for the Funeral Parlor faithful. The Doomster’s improve to 5-6 and although not off the bottom of the GDiv table, currently occupy the precious last wildcard berth. There is a chance all four Granite participants could make the knock-out phase but that outcome would probably require both the 5-6 JL8 &  Arnhall Dolphins to win in Week 12 as they face  each other in the RS finale. There is no denying  the defending champs are riding on the coat tails of the dual threat ability of Lamar Jackson allied to the boot of Wil Lutz… but they look a decent bet at this stage to be playing into December. The Posse slump to 2-9 and suffer the ignominy of being the first side written off as possible 2019 ALFF Champions. This loss was as indicative as any of Marty’s ongoing issues. Only the Cove CEO can explain his QB selection decision this week … perhaps the legendary carousel is actually a reality !! Ironically on paper the Posse had as deep a QB unit as anyone in the League but a Week 2 injury to QB Brees plus a regression to the 2016 version of Jared Goff put a lot of pressure on Kyler Murray to step up and at time of writing rank a lowly 11th. If I’m really honest Brees was probably a stretch as the 8th player taken in the draft (even allowing for the thumb injury) with many draft lists having him further down the rankings this term  and while Devonta Freeman in the 2nd Rd was arguably a safe selection to slide in alongside retained Nick Chubb , reality showed the Dirty Birds ball carrier is on the downward side of his solid fantasy career.  Taking Goff as his 3rd pick was another of those draft day “Marty moments”. If your 1st Rd pick is worth spending on a QB (and I’m one who believes that can be very vaild in our League).. then adding another passer with your third selection is surely not !! I really don’t know what to say about taking rookie Kyler Murray with pick No 4… other than at least that will pay dividends down the track !! By the time coach Garioch Jnr got round to picking up a wide-out in Round 6 , not surprisingly there were no blue chipper available to partner the retained Juju Smith-Schuster.. although Mecole Hardman his eventual pick could prove to be one of the better Class of 2019 retainees. After that K Mason Crosby in the 7th Rd can only be described as serviceable. With back-up K Brett Maher obtained two rounds later, that made 5 Posse selections at QB or K in his opening 9 picks… with the resulting lack of starting depth at RB & WR inevitable. This was not Marty’s best season by any stretch of the imagination but despite only two wins thus far it was not his worst, with some hope for the future with at least of the rookies selected. Marty has been vocal about not being able to control the points against column in the past … but ranked a lowly 12th on points scored he can has little room for complaint this time round. Ronnie's first win over Martin in JL8 mode and his first in general since 2015 cuts the Posse head honcho's lead in the RSs between the two to 10-7.


Dolphins Succumb  To Chark Attack

Blades wide-out Stefon Diggs snags this 54 yard pass to score.

Apologies for the lateness and the probable brevity of my report this week, but I was "volunteered" to help with decorating this last couple of days. Now as a man who struggles to recognise the working end of a paint brush without the aid of a three minute instructional video on YouTube, a man who is less acquaint with a pasting brush than Theo Kojak was to a set of curling tongs (oooh... culture reference... check out Google kiddos.....), and this bit is 100% true;  I'm the man who was once described as being to home decorating as Atilla The Hun was to home baking. Fair to say, the last couple of days have not been a bundle of laughs. Anyroads, as Lurcio oft said (ooh, there's another one!), the prologue. After their week 10 victory over the Apaches, the Blades faced the second of their must win games, this time versus Arnhall Dolphins and they ditched QB Daniel Jones despite his game winning performance last week in favour of returning star quarterback DeShaun Watson, who promptly went scoreless. Oh the joys. DJ Chark also returned to Stuie's starting line up and at least he justified his place with a pair of touchdown receptions, and the newly acquired Mark Andrews also threw in his tuppence worth with an eighteen yard reception. Running back Mark Ingram also caught a  TD from LJ, the Frisco D had a fumble returned all the way.... actually it wasn't returned at all, but it was recovered in the endzone for a quite bizarre score and in the same Levi's Stadium, Zane Gonzalez had a pair of extra points and field goals. Total points; thirty five. Could the umpire strike back? Sadly for Ian, he couldn't.    Madfish started the All-Pro Sleeper Of The Week candidate Chris Godwin who had one TD reception, Derek Carr had one touchdown run and one throw, Zeke mirrored Carr with a one yard run and a three yard reception and Matt Prater rounded of the 'Phins scoring with three extra points. Final score: Westburn Blades 35@24 Arnhall Dolphins. What does it all mean, then? Well the Blades now share the top ranking in the Pittodrie Division with the Laurel Lions but they don't have the tie break, that belongs to Coach Hamilton, but the good news is that they have Garthdee Gryphons (4-7) up next then Caledonia Express (2-9).... Coach Kiwi needs half a game to make the playoffs.... he should be fine. Coach Sutherland  have now dropped two straight and is 5-6.... Madfish needs to beat the Killers next week or they could face a winner- takes-all week 13 clash against the defending champions, JL8. Who loves ya baby! ( Commish comment – you missed a bit… up there … in the corner !).



Sleeper of the Week

No game changers in the SOW category again but perhaps it’s fitting that Marty goes out with a Sleeper flourish. With 3 QB’s on his roster Marty went with Jared Goff against the Bears D … as a better option than Kyler Murray against a Niners D that is all about pressure. Goff bombed with a big fat doughnut while Murray used his arm and legs to expose a San Fran secondary that is ordinary. The net -12pts miss earns coach Garioch Jnr and his rookie passer the Week 11 Sleeper of the Week.



Player of the Week

Lions QB Josh Allen has replaced future  ALFF Hof’er Aaaron Rodgers before with mixed results. Thus week he was in coz Rodgers was resting.. but the noises coming from the Den suggest that may have happened anyway. The pass not only stepped in… he really stepped up … his 15pt effort the foundation of a surprise 35-08 Lions success over the Scunthorpe Steelers. With passing scores of 40, 23 and 9 yards respectively plus an 8 yard TD run, Josh is the Week 11 Player of the Week.



Play of the Week

With bonus points virtually non-existent and all six games decided by more than a rushing TD, the Play Of The Week was not hard to find. Wellington Rising QB Kirk Cousins 54 yard strike to Westburn Blades WR Stefon Diggs was an all NZ 12pointer that accounted for 100% of the points in brackets in a points poor Week 11.











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