Week 5

We may be on course for one of our more less typical campaigns in recent memory but the old Week 5 "Kumbaya" was well in evidence as the combination of results wiped out the last two unbeaten records , handed coach Cruickshank his first W in close to 12 months and generally brought the whole League a lot closer together regards possible play-off contention. A gritty Monday night hold on win for the 2 Minute Drillers that ended the Kincorth Killers 100% record was the last piece in jigsaw that see's the 3 top ranked outfits stand at 4-1 with no fewer than 4 further ball-clubs just one game back at 3-2. The Killers loss came hard on the heels of Granite Div rivals  Arnhall Dolphins suffering their first setback of the year .. courtesy of coach Marty's  Caledonia Express and added to the Pittodrie Div leaders loss to the Desperados (and a Blades win over the rudderless Wrecking Rebels) the Pittodrie Division  now has a 3 way tie for the lead...... with the champion Laurel Lions only one game back. Little changed in the Granite Div with the aforementioned leaders both losing along with the Cove Bay Pirates leaving the Desperados to make up much need ground all their direct Div opponents. The only Division leader to escape the Week 5 carnage intact was the on song Argyll Apaches in the Bon Accord Divison, who have found their form after a skittish early season and are now attracting some serious consideration from the ALFF money men. The Drillers hold on win ensure they stay just tucked in behind the Braves... with the Scunthorpe doing just enough to stay in the picture another game back. Overall all 7 sides above .500 at this stage look to have the potential to mount a credible threat come December but at the other end of the spectrum its looking grim indeed for the 2015 champions (and 2016 runners-up) the Wrecking Rebels who have only one score in the 20pts plus category this term. Despite some League optimism to the contrary the first round of bye weeks dented overall scoring  with the current mean winning score of 24pts a big drop from the usual 26pt or more mark we have been used to for many years. You have to go back to 2006 to find the last season when the MWS was so low. Sadly injuries were again a big story in Week 5 with Odell Beckham Jnr topping the list of fantasy players affected. OBJ's next appearance will be as a free agent in the 2018 draft. Finally.. service in Week 6 is going to be patchy !! Not only is the Commish heading to the Dome on Sunday (WHO DAT!) ... but the Flying Garioch bros are indeed taking to the air next week .. (heading for the Windy City.. I will leave you guys to your own thoughts there !) . Therefore.. Sunday's updates regards team-lines etc will be best effort based partly on my access to wi-fi , timely team lines... and my sobriety in the Big Easy (I'm not driving !). I'm not promising much other than the scores will be updated for you on Monday morning ! Next week's report might also be abbreviated. Either way.. the RS half way mark is fast approaching. The New Rebs apart,  everyone is within one game of a post season berth... with 8 RS games each to go.. its still all up for grabs... yes even for the coaches McConnachie !


Drillers Are Fuller Themselves After Kincorth Kill

Wideout Davante Adams get the first of the Drillers 4 receiving TD's.

In a season of ugly wins it was the Commissioner's turn  to get a Dodds as the 2 Minute Drillers gritted their teeth and held on Monday night to win 19-13 and end the Kincorth Killers unbeaten run. Given the other five results the Monday night climax to this contest was huge in terms of closing the pack all together or allowing the Special K to steal a march on the rest... but in keeping with coach McGeachy Jnr's longstanding misfortune in this fixture, needing just 6pts to close the deficit neither RB Jordan Howard or his Vikings Defence could find the score that would have forced the first OT period of the term. Events went largely the Drillers way from the outset with an upbeat Kincorth camp brought crashing to earth by a lowly 3pts combined by Thursday pairing QB Tom Brady and WR Mike Evans. Both coaches had bye week considerations to make in their Sunday team calculations with the Killers forced to go with back-up K Phil Dawson in place of resting Matt Bryant while in a wholly tactical switch WR Golden Tate came in at WR3. The Commish was missing QB Drew Brees.. but was cognizant of a potential over exposure to the LA Rams. This forced his hand a little in delaying a threatened benching of K Dan Bailey with Jared Goff getting the starting QB role. Finally fit Will Fuller replaced the byeing Michael Thomas with Sterling Shepard winning a coin toss ahead of Tyrell Williams for the WR3 berth in an injury ravaged Driller WR corp. The early Sunday period saw Phil Dawson manage just a single PAT as the door swung wide-open for the Commissioners crew to coast to a win... but with the game there for the taking the Ricker got a heavy dose of frustration. "TD's" for both Gurley and Blount were taken off the board by review and penalty in that order. As per the 2 Minute squads worst fears the Rams were then largely shutdown by a ball hawking Seattle D ... leaving the BA  Div outfit to wonder where there first score was coming from. Add in Sterling Shepard joining a procession of Drillers wide-outs leaving the field on a cart (without scoring) and suddenly this one had got close.. with scores of any variety likely to be critical. Rookie Joe Mixon stretched the Killers lead to 10-00 on a nifty 5 yard run before the end of the opening stanza.. putting a whole new angle on the now pivotal late action at Jerryworld, where Drillers Adams and Bailey faced down their opponents Dez Bryant. What looked like a quick 3pts for under threat Dan Bailey were wiped away by a truly ridiculous 3rd down personal foul call that turned into a Cowboys TD .. and although the PAT got the defending BA champions on the scoresheet, the omens were not looking favorable for the Drillerdome outfit. WR's Davante Adams and Dez Bryant swapped 10 yard TD's but poor clock management (and Garrett coaching) denied Bailey a FG attempt before deep into proceedings , with the specialist 43 yarder cutting the Killers lead to 13-9. When the Cowboys converted a rushing TD inside the Jerryworld 2 minute warning (with Bailey PAT tacked on) it seemed the Killers must escape the crucial period with their 13-10 lead intact ... but some typical Aaron Rodgers magic conjoured up a dramatic last gasp 2nd receiving score for Davante Adams  to leave the game on a knife edge at 13-13. Coach Rickaby's last man out, WR Will Fuller simply had to put some points on the board in the NBC phase in Houston  to hold off DERV's Monday night duo of Howard and the Vikes D... and in similar fashion to stable-mate Adams... the youngster came through with a big TD double. A modest 9 yarder got the Drillers collective noses in front for the first time before Fuller took the lead into rushing TD territory with a more eye catching 48 yard counter. As we have seen neither Howard or the Minnesota D could turn the game around for the Special K on Monday night to had the Drillers a key win. The Commissioners' crew improve to 3-2, ironically with their lowest score of the season thus far, keeping hot on the heels of the Argyll Apaches in what is proving to be an intriguing BA Div Title scramble. With some roster moves still to percolate through and their WR corp emerging from chaos , their is a more upbeat mood in the Drillerdome.  Over on the other sideline Geacher the Younger tasted defeat for the first time this season, bringing to and end the best start in franchise history and setting the a new club mark of 8 straights wins. Little Plum could only shake his head as his side lost yet again to his nemesis but perhaps more significantly  again raises the question of the Kincorth outfit's capability outside of their Killer B's. On the upside , it was a case of no damage done in terms of the overall Granite Div leadership as the Arnhall Dolphins also suffered their first setback ... setting up a huge Week 6 between the two GDiv heavyweight. The Commish now leads the RSS 9-2.


Apaches Earn Lions Share

Braves RB Doug Martin goes over the top of the pile to score on a goal-line leap.

Week 5 is a crucial juncture in an ALFF season and this year is no exception, if you fancy being a part of the Post Season bun fight you really need to make a push starting now or spectating will become all too familiar and depressing. (Yes the voice of painful experience – too painful and too fragging often)! This week’s matchup sees one team serenely striding towards the play offs and an opponent who needs to make a move if their ambitions are to be attained. The long striding – despite tiny trotters – Argyll Apaches and heid honcho The Geacher revert to a 2 RB set with the return of (don’t say it coz he really, really don’t like it!) the muscle hamster Doug Martin and the underutilised (short hand for they dinna hay a QB) T Y Hilton came in at WR for the bye week affected Julio Jones. Over at Hardy Stadium the top dog at the Lions, Coach H was taking unusual steps(guess where this is going) to avoid repetition of last week’s “Tragedy” in which the Lions became the first ever victims of the Pirates. Would he consider any of the TNF Buccaneers? The “Last Thing On My Mind” to quote H! Something that should be on his mind is SOTW; Lamar Miller made an appearance at RB 2 and Stefon Diggs replaced Martavis Bryant in the top ranked WR corps. Somewhat surprisingly Ryan Succop must have done some serious brown nosing to keep the kicking duties on an underperforming unit (Steps anyone?). Has Coach H made winning changes to his starting line-up or will this be another ”One For Sorrow”? The early action saw the Geacher profit from his tinkering – what he gets up to in his own time is his business; but ignore his lucky white heather if you do encounter him! – the muscle hamster escaped his wheel long enough to find the end zone and the cheats Pats S Gostkowski kicked an irritating 13 points to have the Apaches ahead by – let’s see “5,6,7,8” that’s 19 – 0. There was a glimmer of hope for the leonine one when C Hogan grabbed a lone TD in response but a 16 point deficit after the TNF would be hard to overcome. Things looked a bit better for Coach H when the Sunday action got started, despite losing every one of his starting wide receivers Lions QB of choice E Manning managed a TD double to put the Lions within touching distance but in a “Heartbeat” the Apaches starting QB Dak “two Jags” Prescott had a 15 point outing to have the Geacher on easy street (funnily enough that is where he does his tinkering!) with a 34 – 9 lead. Could the Lions mount an amazing comeback, just like Coach H’s former band Steps? Could “Tragedy” be avoided? The riposte at RB was somewhat underwhelming, “Words Are Not Enough” to describe the anodyne output of D Murray and L Miller but goose eggs will suffice. The remaining wide receivers for the Lions did add a single TD through the good offices of J Nelson but alas S Diggs couldn’t make any inroads and the usually hardy Laurel fans were already heading for the exits. When neither defence managed a score the game would ultimately be in the hands (foot in reality) of the Lions kicker R Succop; though a 23 point night was required to alter the outcome. In any event he managed a paltry 4 points leaving the Apaches with a comfortable 34 – 16 victory. After “Stomp”ing all over the Lions the Geacher and his charges are now a solid 4 – 1 and must be thinking that the play offs can’t come quick enough. This was the first win over the Lions for the Geacher (only their 2nd fixture) and after a slow start they now have back to back performances with over 30 points on the board; clearly some lucky white heather works – just not the crap he’ll sell to the public – oh and I want my money back!! Coach H and his Lions drop to 2 – 3 and are now outside the play-off spots. They face a huge game next week against the jammy shites surging Blades. (Two defensive fragging scores – not bitter – not bitter). Another loss and we can expect a “Chain Reaction” over Laurel way.


End Of The Line For Dolphins As Express Back On Track

KR Tyreek Hill scores 6pts for both sides on this 82 yard punt return for a TD.

Arnhall’s undefeated start to the season came to an end against the Caledonia Express, who roll into a three-way tie atop a Pittodrie division that’s tighter than two coats of paint. Coach Sutherland was forced into a solitary change, seeing Demayrius Thomas swapped out for Detroit tightend, Eric Ebron. Mighty Mart’s side faced yet another week of rolling subs, with no less than 4 changes enforced by injuries and by weeks. Newton replaced Mariota at QB, Fozzy “Bear” bye’d in for Jamaal Charles, Braxton Miller replaced Austin Hooper and JJSS came in for Ted Ginn Jr again. Somewhat surprisingly, Mike Gillislee did not have as much as a sniff of the goalline on Thursday night, so we went into Sunday all-square. Fresh off of belittling the journalistic integrity of a female reporter (who, it turns out, was partial to a racist joke on Twitter in her past), Cam came out swinging with 3 TDs and setup fellow Posse Panther, Graham Gano, for two FGs and a trio of PATs in the early offing. Comparatively, Russell Wilson continued his inconsistent start to the season with a lone TD to (Westburn Blade) Jimmy Graham. Chandler Cantanzaro, a surprising kicking title candidate,  booted a biiiig 57 yarder at the end of the second quarter against the Browns before popping through a few additional points. Aaaaand then it all went quiet. No scores on either side until Sundays late game between the Chiefs and Texans. I guess I’m going to have to put in a little filler here then? You all seen Blade Runner 2049 yet? It’s well guid. I went to see it twice. … sooooo… I had a tin of Alphabetti Spaghetti the other day. Made me feel pretty unwell. I reckon it was past its spell-by date. Hehehe. Did you hear about that guy who got his left arm and left leg amputated? It’s ok, he’s all right now. Hehehe. *looks at word count* that’ll about do. So, into the final action of Sunday and the Dolphins were looking to catch up from 18-10 with only the KC defence to come. Well, they got part of the way there with an 82 yard punt return for 6 points. The only problem was that it was returned by Tyreek Hill – of the Caledonia Express. Nae luck! So Coach Garioch gets his first win over the Mad one since 2012, snapping a 4 game losing streak in the series and Arnhall’s unbeaten run in the process. The Posse improve to 3-2 and are above .500 at week 5 for the first time since 2010! Good work, sir! Now knock that sh*t off – that division pennant is MINE! This is far from a disaster for the Dolphins, who saw their main Div rivals the Killers also lose. Mad Fish still owns the RSS 17-7.


Player of the Week

Only coach Stuie can tell us if QB Deshaun Watson would have played if QB Derek Carr was fit.... ( he was a HOT bench player in Wk 4) .. but with his starter out Watson's selection was a no brainer for the Blades head honcho. The ALFF archives don't extend to best ever ALFF debuts.....  but Watson's incredible 17pt effort would certainly feature in the top 5 if such a list existed. The rookie threw TD tosses of 6, 9, 48, 34, and 1 yard... capping the last with a successful 2pt run. Watson is a stand-out Week 5 Player of the Week. Don't be shocked to see him as the new Westburn starter ... or to see him feature in this section again..... soon !



Play of the Week

Eight point running plays are not that common these days... with those from 90 yards plus rare on all levels. Blades rookie Leonard Fournette has been a  little overshadowed through the opening 4 weeks by Scunny's Kareem Hunt ... but could be the REAL cream of the rookie RB crop with that steady week on week scoring threat that coaches crave. Fournette's 90 yard TD romp helped underline that argument .. and wins the Week 5 Play of the Week. 





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Steelers Nick It In Squeaker

Jameis Winston got a vital 18 yard score for the Steelers.

ALFF newbie franchise The Cove Bay Pirates finally got off the mark with a week 4  win and were looking to continue in the same vein as they went head to head with the stumbling Scunthorpe Steelers. Both clubs were on 1-3 and looking for their second success of the season. The Pirates opted to go with a 4 WR set, having lost Dalvin Cook for the season. James White featured as the lone back, with O J Howard and Marquise Goodwin added to the wide men. Coach Inkster also gambled by having 4 of his selections in Thursday night action. Adamski  brought in Carlos Hyde as a 2nd RB, and dropped Amari Cooper as he finally lost patience with his Raiders contingent. Eric Decker occupied the 3rd WR slot. Vegas favoured the Steelmen by 2 points. Thursday night saw Jameis Winston go up against half the Pirates side, with Coach Inkster looking for points. This turned into the old, too many goose eggs in one basket scenario, as the doughnuts piled up. The Meekster  must also have been worried as Winston struggled, but he did manage to connect on an 18 yard pass, to put 3 points on the board. He finished the evening with 26 of 46 for 334 yards; 1 interception and 2 sacks. Play then moved to Sunday, with Matt Stafford at the helm. He had a mixed bag of a night finishing with 23 of 39 for 229 yards; 2 interceptions and 6 sacks. In amongst all that he connected on passes from 4 and 20 yards to get the Pirates on the board. The rest of the night was, pretty much, abject, with points at a premium. Kelvin Benjamin tied things up with a 31 yard catch, and then the kickers went head to head, Blair Walsh finished with FG’s from 48, 43 and 35 yards as well as a PAT, whilst Steve Hauschka matched him with FG’s from 31, 38 and 28 yards, as well as a PAT. All square….but not for long. The game was won as the Steeler’s (NY Giants) special teams forced a safety, to snatch the fixture. Vegas called this one, bang on the nose. The Pirates drop to 1-4, and failed to better their previous weeks score, for the first time. They managed points at QB and Kicker, but nowhere else and this has got to be a worry. The fact that half the team had crashed and burned, before the Sunday night action, will also rankle. They meet up with the Desperado’s, in week 6, with the opposition coming off their first win of the season. Neither side will want to drop to 1-5, as we head toward the half way stage of the season. The Steelers will be happy to take the win, albeit the final outcome was tighter that a moorhens bum at 40 fathoms. Coach Adamski will be looking for more from his running game in the weeks to come, but points are proving to be thin on the ground, so farthis season. They meet the Drillers in week 6 action, and 3-3 looks a damn sight prettier than 2-4. On a personal note, Ole Crimson and his Bro are heading for the Windy City on Monday 16th for 10 days. Looking forward to steaks that overlap the plate on all 4 sides, and more flavours of beers that you can shake a stick at. We will also be taking in (if that is the right description). The Bears against the Panthers on the 22nd. We have tickets up in the gods. Just hope Chi town does not live up to the windy part. So catch you all in 2 weeks. CIAO.


Rookie's Wreck Rebels

Rookie RB Leonard Fournette romps 90 yards to score for the Blades.

The Wrecking Rebels are in a really hard place right now as they slumped to their tenth consecutive defeat stretching back to last season. In his draft review, the Diesel said this: "....Gronk needs to be the man of two years ago and needs to stay fit for the season, whilst a lot will depend on how Christian McCaffrey adapts to the pro's, and two rookie kickers? " Prescient words indeed. I would have had my doubts whether a fit and younger Gronk should be a first round pick anyway, but nowadays he should have the wing of a hospital named after him. He’s had major and multiple surgeries on his forearm, back and knee the past several years. And he has missed 22 regular games (excluding playoffs) the past 5 seasons because of injuries. And he is now down with a groin problem and missed Thursdays game.....when asked last week about his possible ruturn, a Pat's Spokesman said "Don’t know how close or not close,” Not good for the Coaches MacConnachie. Also Christian McCaffrey has struggled and disappointed, and has zero running touchdowns so far this season but he did score on a six yard reception on Sunday, so now that he has broken his duck, maybe.....? And we won't talk about the kickers who average 4 points per game. Matt Ryan was on a bye and in came Joe Flacco as his replacement who came up with a big fat zero, but at least Gronk's replacement, Kyle Rudolph troubled the scorers with a 13 yard catch. Not much else to report I'm afraid on the scoring front ....Zach Ertz, the Reb's Mr Dependable caught an eleven yarder and running back Melvin Gordon snared a double catch and it was left to Ka'imi Fairbairn to complete the scoring with two points after, and a miserly total of 17 points, which is sadly for the Wrecking Crew only one point more that their season average. For the Globe trotting Blades -touted by several as genuine bowl contenders- this season has been a bit stop-start, but this week it all came good for Both The Younger, with the help of a little bit of luck? The talk down ....erm ...New Zealand way was that Derek Carr's coat was on a shoogly peg and DeShaun Watson was pencilled on the coat-label to start regardless, but Carr's injury made it happen for sure, and what a ALFF debut! A six yard TD throw, a nine yard one, a forty eight'er closely followed by a thirty four yarder then finally a one yarder (and a two point conversion!) and there is 17 points, right there! And it poured down like silver...Leonard Fournette (Attorney-At-Law) has been a revelation in this, his rookie year and he went to town against the Steelers with a 180 yard/ two touchdown effort, which included a 90 yarder. 31 points now for Youngblood Stuie. Michael Crabtree and Jimmy Graham had a TD catch each and former Rebel Justin Tucker ended it all with a three FG-three EP game to make the final score 49-17 to the Blades. Bothwell the Younger has never lost to the hybrid Rosemount ball-club in RS action ( now 3 for 3). The Blades now sit joint top of the Pittodrie Division at 3-2, and the with the Flying Garioch Brothers both having a bit of an overdue resurgence, this makes for an interesting Divisional race. And lets not forget the Lions who sit one game off the trot who face up against the Blades next week. Should be interesting. The Wreckers have the free scoring Apaches up next, and if the mean average works out, the they will lose 26-17, but hope MUST spring eternal down Rosemount way, but the Macs must know they are quickly running out of games, and with games against the Apaches, the 'Phins and the defending champs, the Lions (combined 11-4!), it ain't gonna be easy. Surely by now the Mac's must realise that the scattergun approach to drafting rookies does not work? Anyway, that's it...till next week.....


Randy & Hopkins ..(Dans Not) Deceased

Dans receiver DeAndre Hopkins scores the first of his game settling TD treble on this 6 yard grab.

The Deevale Desperados snapped a franchise worst 11 game losing streak and finally got that 2017 winless monkey off their collective backs as they swept to a impressive 29-16 win over the bye blighted Gathdee Gryphons. Nerve endings were tested fully over in the Gardens in the NBC phase at NRG Stadium as WR DeAndre Hopkins went head to head with double direct opponent Travis Kelce defending a slender 20-16 advantage,  but it was the Dan's wide-out who convincingly won the duel, his triple TD evening in stark contrast to the big Bird's TE's ineffectual goose egg. Despite some talk of a winless season  the Dan In Chief, undoubtedly spurred on by his rivalry with the Bayler, has been working the waiver wire to effect some change on his soporific starting squad. Crucially here, newly acquired K Randy Bullock replaced the underperforming Mason "5pts" Crosby although the eye brow arching dropping of A J Green , albeit with DeAndre Hopkins, was a decision the Desperate One had to endure some angst about before the game was over. The Crimson One was missing his Skins and Dirty Birds thanks to the first scheduled bye week round of the campaign, forcing a unfamiliar look of Brian Hoyer, Bilal Powell and Danny Woodhead as his starting QB and backfield combo. To be fair, Hoyer performed adequately as the Birds back up passer carding a pair of short yardage TD's at Lucas Field but it was left to the Pittodrie Div's No 1 ranked kicking game to provide the lions share of their early points as K Jake Elliott tallied up 10pts with 4 extra points and two shortish FG's ( 36 and 28 yards). Stand-in RB combo of Powell and Ooo -my-head pretty much lived up to expectation.... with a good old fashioned double blank... closing out the Gryphons first phase scoring at 16pts. Randy Bullock's 8pts was the best from a Dan's kicker this term and really gave the winless outfit a foundation upon which to build a comeback on, although another empty evening from RB duo Henry and Ajayi ( last Fin on the roster) had coach C wondering if his charges were going to tank again. WR Odell Beckham Jnr opened his account for the season with a 48 Yd TD grab... before closing his tab  as a retained Deevale player courtesy of his broken ankle.... and with Larry Fitzgerald held scoreless the first Sunday closed with the Gryphons 16-11 in front. A flood of early period unclaimed points (by Wentz, A J Green and Jacksonville) put a lot of pressure on QB Aaron Rodgers to come through for his coach... but after a slow start the top passer hit his stride , scoring from 10, 10 and finally a last gasp 12 yards. To the Crimson One's chagrin his "spoiler" Randall Cobb was not on the end of either of the passer's triple and stablemate Doug  Baldwin also came up empty , setting up the earlier described Houston finale with the Granite Div cellar dwellers holding that 20-16 lead. Deevale improve to 1-4 and could now get a step back into wildcard contention with a virtual elimination Bowl against the Cove Bay Pirates in Week 6. With the No 1 QB and some life at K , previous reports of the Desperados demise may have been a little premature. Either way, the Dan in Chief will at least have gained the satisfaction of getting off the mark against his old rival. The Gryphons were punished for their first score below 27pts this term and will chalk this one down to bye week attrition but in dropping to 3-2 , are now in a tight 3 way tie atop the highest scoring grouping in the League. By a weird quirk of fate they now face the first annual Garioch Bowl with both (Garioch) coaches heading to the US. Anyone fancy the transatlantic seat in between those two with the game potentially still in progress ?... naaahh... me neither !! Donny’s lead in the RSS between the two coaches has been cut to 10-8.. but Ronnie leads the series 5-3 in his Dans guise. PS.. for anyone under the age of 40.. apologies for the very loose play on words for the report headline based on an ATV series of the 70's !!



Sleeper of the Week

Being a rookie coach in the ALFF has a liberal sprinkling of firsts.. some good... some not so good. This week coach Matthew is being served samples off the not so good platter ... as he gets his name in lights in the SOW category. As is often the case,  only victory prevented one or two others featuring here... but having lost the tightest game of the week .. coach Blackbeard ( I waited 5 weeks !) was always most likely to find the sleeper spotlight. With rookie Dalvin Cook gone for the year Matthew had a decision to make at RB. He went for James White as the lone back in a 4WR set... with nothing to show for it. Had he gone with unused Orleans Darkwa instead ( in either 1 or 2RB formation)... he would have netted the 6 extra points on offer and beat the Steelers 22-18. Instead it's a first Sleeper of the Week for the first year coach and his running back.


Stats That

Doug Martin's 1 yard TD run meant coach McGeachy Snr became the fourth coach in League history to 7000 RS points. Geronimo is the first non founder owner to reach the mark.

Coach McGeachy Senior's 34-16 win was his 150th career win. He is 4th on the all time careers win list.

Coach Bothwell Jnr's match-up v the Wrecking Rebels was his 200th RS game. His 49-17 victory produced his 100th career win.

Coach Bothwell Jnr reached 5000 RS pts on Jimmy Grahams' 4 yard TD grab.

Stephen Gostkowski (Argyll Apaches)  3rd FG on Thursday night (43yds) took him through the 1000 RS points total. Gostkowski is the 8th player to reach that mark.. and the 4th Kicker to do so.

Cam Newton (Caledonia Express) reached 400 RS pts with his 3rd TD pass of the evening (31 yards).