Week 8

Week 8 means in terms of the regular season we have rounded the metaphorical Tattenham Corner and although it's some way off, the RS finishing line is just visible at the end of what is now a five game sprint. In keeping with the increased importance of the outcomes, this week's crop of fixtures yielded our highest scoring round of action thus far, strangely enough  coming in the lowest scoring NFL week of the campaign to date. As a direct result we had a little of everything, with 5 of our six games going down to the wire on Monday night.... with two of those producing dramatic comebacks . The Argyll Apaches did not hit top form but did enough to salt away a never in doubt hold on victory over the fading Gryphons that secured Geronimo the first assured play-off ticket  but pick of the whole lot was the Arnhall Dolphins 44-39 success over the stunned Westburn Blades which not only lived up to it's Game of the Week billing but arguably turned into the best of the season thus far. Almost as tight .. and impactful was the Killers nerve tingling hold on 23-20 triumph over the Posse and that result combined with the Fins success means little has changed in a tight Granite Div race with the two leaders locked on identical 6-2 records. Indeed , no change was very much the bye word of the week with the Drillers blasting the Pirates to stay within striking distance of the Apaches in a split Bon Accord Division while losses for both Flying Garioch Bros meant neither was able to make a move on the stunned Blades. The Desperados victory over the Scunthorpe Steelers not only kept coach Cruickshank's Lazarus act running but also created a two game wildcard fissure that I have rarely seen at this stage of an ALFF season before, leaving coach Meek's 2-6 side along with the 0-8 Wrecking Rebels and 1-7 Cove Bay Pirates in mortal danger of sliding out of contention as early as Week 9. First ever repeat champion is certainly not in defending champion coach Hamilton's mind right now but he did stay in wildcard contention with a hard fought over the surprisingly competitive Wrecking Rebels. The Lions are just one game back of the post season pace... with three sides still well within their sights. Right now 6-7 would appear to be the mark that will guarantee December action.. and although things can change it would be a surprise to see a 5-8 side in the mix in this slightly lopsided year. That's not good news for the coaches McConnachie , who at best can only go 5-8... but as things stand mathematically the New Rebs are still in it. As I mentioned points were at a season high this time round but even if that was bested on a weekly basis in the run in,  we would still fall short of a 7th consecutive 4000pts campaign. Defensive scoring was a feature this week (with two games directly influenced) and does seem to be on the up after a painfully slow start , its only at kicker that we seem to be on course for the higher levels we have come to expect as the new "norm". Finally, I am back in the saddle after two week in the US.. but need to give  a  special mention to both coach Bothwell Jnr and coach Cruickshank who went the extra mile ...  and who largely made the reports happen over the past two weeks. Cheers guys.


Pirates Endure 3rd Straight MNF Butker Kicking

LB Matt Milano takes a 40 yard fumble return to the house for the Drillers.

If he was sitting on Death Row somewhere in the US coach Inkster may well have got a pardon from the Supreme Court by now based on the nature of his cruel or unusual punishment .. but I'm afraid no such charity was on display in ALFF circles as  the 2 Minute Drillers dispensed some more rough justice and became the 3rd straight outfit to stage a kicker based Monday night comeback to see of the Cove Bay Pirates , in this case, 40-25. To be fair , in this instance , leading by just 25-21 with the opposing kicker still to come, a loss was not in the unexpected category but I say with some confidence that this is a first in ALFF history over the best part of 26 regular season campaigns... but does not make it any easier to swallow for the rookie HC !! So how did we get there (again ) ? Well... Vegas had actually touted the Pirates as surprise 3pt favorites on the back of the Drillers missing their Rams contingent and top scoring WR  and it was a different looking Commissioner's crew that went into this first ever meeting between the two ballclubs. After strongly considering a 4 WR set with Mohamed Sanu in the mix the Ricker finally plumped for his traditional 2RB set with Jalen Richard subbing for byeing Todd Gurley. Will Fuller returned in a WR bye week flip flop with resting Davante Adams, whilst newly acquired K Harrison Butker was drafted in after the BOD outfit lost BOTH back-up kickers (Bailey & Hopkins) on IR the week before being needed. Blackbeard girded his loins (OOO err Vicar !! ) after his latest gut wrenching setback, adding TE O J Howard in place of Danny Amendola, and a New England clean-house was completed with an overdue change at D..... with the club's Dallas unit getting a first start of the campaign. The action opened at Twickers and it was soon 08-00 to the Cove based side due to an 8pt effort from lone back Jeris McKinnon that saw the recently acquired runner not only score on  a goal-line run.. but tack on his own 2pt attempt. Rookie David Njoku could not add to the London total but the Inkster had to be satisfied with his lead at this stage. The early Sunday stanza was mostly about the Drillers but after the boost of seeing his back-up Buffalo D score on a 40 a yard fumble return it looked like slim pickings for coach Rickaby. QB Drew Brees posted a rare goose egg.... which of course meant nul point for WR Michael Thomas as well... and the promise of points for Jalen Richard (in the absence of Marshawn Lynch) proved to be optimistic in the extreme. Meanwhile QB Phil Rivers had added 3pts to the Pirates total with a 24 yard strike (although NOT to team-mate Hunter Henry) and it took a late (early phase) 12 yard TD rush from LaGarrette Blount in Philly  to get the Drillers in front for the first time. Into the 2nd Sunday period Will Fuller sparked the defending BA Div Champions into life with a stunning 59 yard score before following up with a more sedate 20 yard TD and with only his Dallas D in position to respond for the Pirates , it did look as the 2 Minuters would be in a pole position at 21-11 to hold off their opponents NBC phase Steelers duo of Antonio Brown and Chris Boswell. On virtually the last play of the game at rain soaked Fedex Field the whole nature of the tie changed as Blackbeard's Dallas D snatched a dramatic last ditch 21 yard pick six... and it was game on with the Granite Div cellar dwellers only trailing 17-21. A TD from Brown and anything in the average range from Chris Boswell at Heinz Field would have piled the pressure on Driller last man out Harrison Butker on Monday night.... but the defending individual receiving champion has been short of his 2016 form and once again came up empty when it mattered most. Boswell carded 8pts with an equal share of FG's and XP's but although ahead, a slender 25-21 lead seemed short of a game winning position for Matthew. As it turned out Butker went gangbusters on his debut scoring a huge 19(2)pts that included 5 FG's (one of 51 yards) and two extra points. The Drillers improve to 6-2 and stand half a game from post season participation on  the back of their 4th straight win and now face a massive Wk 9 showdown with the Argyll Apaches that could settle the BA pennant and any associated bye week implications. The Commish continues to be concerned about his QB output and his paper thin depth at RB.. but otherwise is happy about his squads performance. Across town its reached crisis point with the Pirates. At 1-7 , and three games back of a wildcard berth  the Pirates are effectively playing knock-out football from here on in. There are probably a couple of convoluted scenarios that would see the GDiv outfit make the post season with a 5-8 record... but those are long shots indeed in this strangest of seasons.


Braves Book Bash Brief

Le'Veon Bell scores on a 5 yard run for the Braves.

The Argyll Apaches became this week the first team to reach the playoffs on the back of a leagues best six game unbeaten run but had a less than convincing 22-15 victory over the Gryphons, but another  *W* in the column is always welcome, regardless of how scrappy it is achieved.  Coach Geacher was able to field  his unchanged first choice team against the Birds but there is a feeling around that they are relying too much on the boot of kicker Gostkowski as without his input the Apaches would only be averaging 15 points per game but  Geronimo will tell you that was why he had the Pats hoofer on board after the third round of the draft, and Goatjowels was again  the Braves  top scorer with 13 points which consisted of four field goals (25,36,43,26) and one extra point whilst the quietly impressive Adam Thielan snared an 18 yarder and first round steal Le'Veon Bell powered up the middle for five yards. twenty two points and proved to be enough.Coach Garioch may now be regretting his choice of Freeman over Bell in the draft, and the Atlanta RB again went scoreless but Kirk Cousins cemented his status as a top tier if not slightly inconsistent fantasy QB with a one yard toss here, Travis Kelce caught a 29 yarder and finally kicker Jake Elliot kicked two field goals, including a 51 yarder but missed two out three extra points. Not For Long, mate. Final score 22-15 to the Apaches, and they lead the RS H2H 10-9. Next up for the Apaches is long time rivals the Two Minute Drillers, and Geronimo does not have his troubles to seek for this table-topping encounter as no fewer than four of his starters for last week - Bell, Thielen,Cooks & Gostkowski as well as back-up QB Big Ben Cheeseburger- are on their bye-week, so selection problems abound for the Braves and a victory here for the Commish will enable the Drilling Crew to leap over their rivals to take control of the two horse race Bon-Accord Division AND put the Commish into the playoffs. Again...... A big game in the offing folks, a big game. The Birds who are in a bit of a mini slump right now  have a crucial inter divisional game of their own as they face the homeward-bound-soon Westburn Blades. The Blades have a crucial one game cushion here over Coach Garioch's outfit, and I think that the Blades have the edge on this one. I predicted a few weeks ago that the Pittodrie division would be all square at 4-4 in week 8, and I was only one game away from hitting nail, hello head and tho' I do think that the Blades have the biggest upside, let me tell you this Jimmy Boy, this is a three and a half horse race here because the Blades have a bitch of a run in with only one game against a team with a losing record, and that is the week 13 inter divisional clash against the reigning Champs, the Laurel Lions.... the Blades will do well to go into that clash 7-5, so I ain't predicting zilch here. As for the other two divisions, I think that the Drillers will make a pivotal step forward this weekend for the Bon-Accord by beating the Apaches and after the week 10 Blades clash, they do not face a team with a winning record for the rest of the season. In the Granite div, well you pays your money you takes your chances..... whoever wins the week 13 clash between the Killers and the 'Phins win the division. We live in interesting times.


Blockbuster Blades Blunted By Destructive Dolphins

(Aka Zeke is a Criminal & Kiwi Is a Moron)

DB Marcus Peters scoops up a fumble and romps 45 yards for the game winning score.

Here comes one of my those “full disclosure” articles. Coach Kiwi (Bothwell) here, and as you can see by the above title, I have been tasked with handling a report on my own squad under rather painful circumstances. Our Commish can be a cruel, cruel master, but his commands must be adhered to. I have elected to take the absolutely, 100% bitter and biased approach to the following 500 or so words. You have been warned. So this was billed as the big slobberknocker of the week, with both teams atop their respective divisions on 5-2 records. The Madfish was of on a cruise (which I had hoped would be destined for “a bruisin’”) but going by the Blades’ 12 point advantage by the end of TNF curtisy of a big showing from Justin Tucker, it was going to be far from smooth sailing. He brought in Isaiah Crowell at the RB 2 slot to partner Ezekeil Elliot (WHO SHOULD HAVE BLOODY WELL BEEN SUSPENDED! COME ON, NFL! WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THAT ABOUT?! HELL’S TEETH, MIN!) and they both came up big during the course of Sunday. Elliot (shouldn’t have been playing) was particularly a factor with two TD runs from 13 and 1 yards while Crowell chipped in with a score of his own from 26 yards out. Opposing Blades Running backs LeSean McCoy and Jonathon Stewart actually had the Kiwi-based side feeling pretty good as they both contributed scores from 48 and 1 yard out respectively. Chandler Cantanzaro (who I keep having to look up on a weekly basis, as I always seem to be writing reports for the Madfish, but I can never remember where he is playing these days!) booted through 8 points to bring things a fair bit closer. And then came the moment worthy of the most brutal Haloween horror; David Carr replacing DeShaun Watson at QB for the Blades on the basis of “a better matchup”. This. Pains. Me. So. Much. With the Dark Lord Cthulu as my witness, Derek Carr will NEVER (barring injury or other extenuating circumstances) play another game for the Blades this year. Carr put on an incredibly underwhelming performance against the Bills with a solitary TD pass for 3 points, a complete contrast from his showing in the previous week. On the bench, Watson would go on to have a game for the ages against a highly vaunted pass defence, throwing 4 TDs from 59, 20, 2 and 72, effectively leaving a net 13 points unclaimed. *eye twitches repeatidly*. To make matters far, FAR worse, in the same game, Russell Wilson would put up 4 TD passes of his own from 20, 7, 1 and 18. Mercifully for the Blades, the last two were to tightend Jimmy Graham and 6 points was claimed by the Blades’ Seattle D on a 78 yard interception return. Christ on a velocipede! 38-39 at the end of play on Sunday and a real nailbiter going into Monday Night Football with Demariyus Thomas and the KC D still to come for Arnhall. There was a little emailing back and forth at this point between Wellington HQ and Mr Rickaby; “KC D has to be your main concern now!!”. Too bloody right. As if watching the Broncos lose their third straight wasn’t enough, it was to a division rival AND they gave up a fumble for a TD in first quarter to ruin my fantasy chances for the week! Final score 44-39 to the Phins, with one of the highest scoring encounters in recent ALFF memory. 39 points scored and no win?! Ooooh wait til Papa Both hears that the Bothwell Curse is alive and well! Oh and NOW Zeke Elliot is suspended again. So, Madfish takes the W to stay joint top of the Granite Division on 6-2. Coach B surely takes the Sleeper of the Week award with room to spare, but remains atop the Pittodrie Division at 5-3 on the back of defeats for the Gryphons and Express. It’s a stupid game anyway. I don’t care. RSS now stands at 11-7 or whatever. Like I care. Pfft! (PS. A genuine “well done” Mr Sutherland – well played sir!)



Player of the Week

Once again we had some very notable performances this week... including a massive debut that produced 19(2)pts... but all were eclipsed by a slightly lower scoring effort. In conditions more likely to attract duck hunters than a solid NFL kicking effort Kincorth Killers K Matt Bryant booted 4 FG's (23, 45, 37 and 29 yards) and an XP in critical game for his side .. that may have huge post season implications.  I do believe the downpour relented for one of his kicks... but the field and ball were still sodden. His 13pt effort in a narrow 23-20 win for the killers over the Posse earn Matt the Week 8 Player of the Week award.



Play of the Week

If only coach Kiwi had started Deshaun Watson we may have had a different contender (or two ) in the POW category... but please see SOW !! That said we still had a 12 pointer and it played a big part in two crucial games. Desperados QB Carson Wentz 53 yard strike to Kincorth Killers WR Alshon Jeffrey was a thing of beauty ... and wins the Week 8 Play of the Week prize.





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Dans Wentz It More Than Than The Steelers

Dans wide-out DeAndre Hopkins streaks 72 yards to paydirt.

The Deevale Desperados established themselves as credible wildcard contenders as they registered a 4th straight win with a comfortable 25-11 victory over the soporific Scunthorpe Steelers. Four weeks ago coach Cruickshank was on the verge of rebranding his winless outfit the John Laurie Eight and planning for 2018 .. but a prudent Greenpeace style tweak and prune of his roster (almost 100% Dolphin free) has seen his side recover to a remarkable 4-4 record. The final outcome here was technically in the balance going into Monday night with the Desperate Ones leading by 14pts and Scunny's explosive Kareem Hunt the last man out at Arrowhead ... but the rookie runner has cooled off after his electric start and did not bother the scorers. Now back in Sowf London after a personal visit to marshal his troops Adamski went in to this pivotal tie desperate to arrest a 3 game losing streak and perhaps even more importantly find a way to put more points on the board consistently. In came rookie RB Alvin Kamara and recently acquired wide-out Nelson Agholor with formerly benched Kelvin Benjamin back in favor for the Steelers 12th ranked catching corps. Bolstered by his change in fortunes the Dan In Chief had his hand forced a little by injury and bye’s resulting in a new look Bernard & Coleman  RB attack with old man Gates in for old man Fitzgerald (bye) at WR. Ronnie's Detroit D were back after their bye. Alvin Kamara got his ALFF career off to a wonderful start with a swift 8 yard TD (Scunny's first rushing points since Wk 3)  , and things seemed to be on the up for the under performing BA Div outfit when Kelvin Benjamin tacked on 3 more courtesy of a 25 yard TD grab. A solid score from K Giorgio Tavecchio at this point would have put coach Meek's outfit in a very strong position at this stage... but.... the kicking game has been a sore point for the traditionally solid Steelmen... and it was more of the same here as the stand-in FG artist recorded just two PAT's. The Dan's early response was all Eagles & Bengals in nature. Kicker Randy Bullock won the specialist battle 06-02 thanks to a 29Yd FG and a PAT treble, while top wideout A J Green weighed in with his 3rd counter of the season, a short 8 yard grab. But it was another top  notch outing from emerging star Carson Wentz that edged the Deevale side towards the winning line. Despite the wet conditions at Lincoln Financial Field the passer scored on a short 1 yard TD and his "half" of a successful 2pt attempt before landing a near knock-out blow with a big 53 yard passing score.   Vegas had predicted a tight low scoring affair so it was no surprise that the Sunday action was heading to a late conclusion with that early 19-11 Desperados lead untouched but there was no holding (well there was frequently be the Seahawks  D!) on fire WR DeAndre Hopkins who all but iced the game with a last ditch 72 yard scoring reception. Ahead 25-11 coach C's boys successfully held off the MNF Kareem Hunt threat ... and the contest was over. The Vale are now solidly in a wildcard berth with crucial tie  breaks (one gained in this tie) over their three likeliest rivals. Against that background two wins in an admittedly tough looking run in might be enough to see the Kincorth based side make the post season party. For the Steelers , they drop to 2-6 in what is their poorest start since 2014. With little option after a "building" draft but to stick with underperforming Jameis Winston at QB the pressure is on for Adamski .. with his next three ties all potentially winable. I would suggest he probably needs to take a minimum of two victories from those to harbour any thoughts of December participation. The RSS between the two coaches is tied at 2-2.


Lamar Lifts Lions Over Wrecked Rebels

Lions RB Lamar Miller finds a large hole to score on a 3 yard run.

As most of you will be aware, the Flying Garioch Brothers have spent that last 2 weeks on the other side of the pond. In the city of Chicago, to be precise. A city with great food, enough sights to keep you well entertained, and some great craft beers. It is also big, and when I say big I mean humungous. We used the “EL” to get about and that took us to brew pubs and restaurants all over the city. For 10 bucks a day it was a bargain. Soldier Field is a fabulous venue, and the atmosphere (pre game) was great. They know how to stage a show…shame that the game was such a big mess, but at least they got a home win. But all good things come to an end and back we come to the land of the Brexit, and the Great British Bake Off making the headlines, instead of the World Series and Trump. Ho hum!! Week 8 of the 2017 ALFF season saw the, 0-7, Wrecking Rebels try to bust their duck, and get a monkey off their backs. The Rosemount collective have had a rough ride so far and must have been expecting better. They opted to leave week 7’s team in place and keep their fingers crossed. Their opponents, the Lions, were on a 4 game losing streak, and Coach Hamilton went for changes. Eli Manning was on his bye  and in came, recently acquired, Case Keenum. Lamar Miller was recalled after his  week off, and was joined in the backfield by Ameer Abdullah. Stefon Diggs got the call at wideout in place of Jordy Nelson. The Lions have the #1 WR corps, but have managed only 1 rushing touchdown so far. This was a rematch of ALFF Bowl 24, but both sides were pale shadows of last years teams. This one found itself confined to Sunday action. The Rebels Matt Ryan went 18 of 29 for 274 yards, with a sack, but also managed to score of tosses of 1 and 3 yards. He also failed on a 2 yard conversion run, and that could have proved costly. Case Keenum replied for the Lions with scores from the 18 and the 4, as he finished 27 of 43 for 288 yards, with an interception and a sack. The Lions then got their 2nd running score of the season as Miller scored on a 3 yard run and then added a 2 yard grab to make it 9 points. Melvin Gordon replied for the Rebels with an 87 yard run to tie it all up. Gronkowski, on a 2 yard reception, and Ertz with a 1 yarder gave the Rebels a lead, but this was dragged back as the Eagles D scored on a 17 yard pick six. Struggling rookie Kaimi  Fairbairn kicked 5 PAT’s as well as a 31 yard FG as the youngster enjoyed the best outing of his short career but was up against an old stager, in the shape of Adam Vinatieri. The Leagues senior player  connected on FG’s from 29, 33 and 29 again as well as 2 PAT’s and this one was history. The Rebels drop to 0-8 and the drought continues. They have now lost 13 straight RS games, and only a week 16 PO win keeps them from an official worst ever losing streak. They go into week 9 against the Steelers, knowing that another defeat means curtains for the season…or bloody close to it. The Lions “improve” to 3-5, and snap that 4 game losing run. They get their 2nd best score of the season, and lead the RSS 4-0. The, defending champions meet the Express in week 9, and will want to keep winning. If they miss the play off’s they will be the first reigning champs since 2012 (Apaches)  to do so. Eight down and 5 to go. Still time to make it happen, but that is running out. Now the going gets tough (or the tough go shopping). Remember, though, you have to be in it to win it (cliché #35). See you in seven.

Killers Back On Track As Posse Whipped

Wide-out Alshon Jeffrey scores  a huge 53 yard TD for the Killers.

As the games pass, wins and losses take on even greater significance at this time of the year, greater even than bagging bragging rights; we’re at the stage where the next result may end your season or come with an invite to the post season bash. Only the latter looks likely for both of these sides, the 5 – 2 Killers and the 4 -3 Cal X should be shoo ins for the big bash. Though to quote some geezer “There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip” – it was either some famous poet/writer or an alky that said that. My monies on the former though post Birthday home brew has me feeling like the latter. In short, in this game only the bragging rights were up for grabs!  The Vegas view had the Cal X as a narrow 2 point favourite, in part due to their running attack and the inclement weather that the Killers were to endure. Coach Andrew or Derv to some has been on good form this year and his team virtually picks itself but for those pesky bye weeks; to this end Joe Mixon returned at RB for the byeing Adrian Peterson. (How does one tell if AP is on a bye week or playing? The stats look identical to me)! Over Cove way the head Coach of the Posse has been having selection issues of late; this week Cam Newton had the QB duties,(though his performances have been AP like, and he’s now lost his biggest target in WR Kelvin Benjamin, so, his days starting look to be numbered, especially when you factor in the return of Marcus Mariotta), and Ted Ginn Jnr (with or without his family) came in for Austin Hooper at WR. The final piece in Coach Marty’s team selection came in the shape of the post bye week Houston D. The early action had our Commissioner drooling over the QB battle, his 2 favourite non Saints QB’s faced off and effectively nullified one another with near identical performances. Killers QB Tom “Cheat” Brady tottered about for a single TD toss whilst opponent Cam “the Bam” Newton repeated the feat, albeit on slightly more spritely trotters, and managed an uninspiring single TD pass. Vegas liked the look of the latest Killers RB tandem but J Howard (now free of the steely Garioch brothers gaze) and J Mixon failed to do any damage and returned the dreaded goose eggs. The chortling coming from the cities’ Cove area soon stopped when Cal X RB M Gillislee fared no better and produced his own goose egg.  Soon after the jeers turned to cheers as Cal X RB M Ingram continued his good form and bagged a TD. Things became decidedly more interesting in the battle of the Wide Receivers. Kincorth’s M Evans and D Bryant failed to make any headway buy the lanky A Jeffrey had a 7 point night including 3 bonus points. In the early action Cal X WR T Ginn Jnr did his usual disappearing act meaning that Coach Marty was going to have to wait for his late performers before adding to his sides tally. In the meantime neither side had any success with their defences which meant the kicking game was going to be paramount to the result. Vegas had concerns about the Killers chances here as incumbent M Bryant was having horrid weather conditions to contend with, monsoon like rain that just never stopped; in the end a satisfying 13 points were bagged whilst in relative comfort his Cal X opponent G Gano managed a hum drum 5 points. The Killers had no more players to call on and held a 23 – 14 lead with the late action and MNF to come; the Cal X had a WR in each of these games and would need something from each of them if they were to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. In the late Sunday action Cal X WR & the brunt of team mate M Bryants tirade J Smith-Schuster had a 97 yard TD reception and a 6 point score to close to within 3 points of the Killers. (M Bryant may have felt a complete fool whilst watching the aforesaid play unfold from the side-line and dear Martavious looked like one)! With the game in the balance the Cal X had the last throw of the dice in the MNF where they were represented by the dangerous, in so many ways, T. Hill. He can run, catch, return punts and kick-offs,  but alas for the Cove Bay fans,  not tonight; in fact his biggest moment of the night was when he missed a couple of plays due to getting banged up! In the end then a narrow 23 – 20 victory for the Kinkers Krew who move to 6 – 2 and lead the RSS 7 – 3.  Despite achieving the 24 point mark only twice this season the Killers look a solid outfit but will be pushed all the way in the Granite Division by Percy Thrower and his cohort! The Posse drop to 4 – 4 and have lost 2 straight for the first time this season & to add salt to the wound they missed out on the chance to close in on their Divisional rivals the Blades in what was a poor weekend for the Pittodrie Division.




Sleeper of the Week

Stuie says it all in his match report above... apart from the fact the SOW boot would have swung dramatically coach Sutherland's way instead (another 18pt one at that !). Not unreasonably coach Kiwi reasoned rookie QB  DeShaun Watson may struggle against the Legion of Boom. The fact he did NOT  (while David Carr DID against a tough Buffalo D)  may prove to be a season defining moment for the NZ based combo. For the record Watson threw 4 TD's including a 59 AND a 72 yarder in what was an unclaimed 18(6)pt effort (net -15pts). Not quite the Mother of All Sleepers... but certainly a rather attractive Aunt !!