Week 9

Week 9 was the lowest scoring round of fixtures thus far which wasn’t all that surprising with the NFL bye week misses on hand and the 2nd ranked ALFF QB rested but despite a pattern of low scoring match-up’s we did have some very impactful results. The Bon Accord Division is close to a done deal as the Adamski’s Scunthorpe Steelers secured a low scoring triumph over the Argyll apaches but coach Taylor missed out on an opportunity to clinch the Granite Division in his rookie season as his Broch Bobcats were outscored by the current in form outfit the unlikely Arnhall Dolphins. With the Kincorth Killers showing they are back in the groove with a high scoring win over the JL8 , that makes two sides that are two games back of the New Bellslea brigade.. but I’d class that as a chink of light for the chasers rather than the door being thrown wide open.  The Laurel Lions came out on top of the Westburn Blades in an all 4-4 clash between the Pittodrie Division’s finest .. which effectively gives coach Hamilton a two game lead in the PDiv with tie breaks…. So all three Div leaders are now in comfortable if not unassailable positions. At the other end of the spectrum a Monday night comeback from the Caledonia Express In the late season Garioch Bowl  not only kept Marty’s slender hopes alive but in effect “split” a potential growing pack on wildcard hopefuls into innies and outies. The Wellington Risings comfortable win over the sagging 2 Minute Drillers was a boost to coach Butter’s dreams of knock-out football but along with the  JL8, and Garthdee Gryphons who  are all on the 3-6 mark (with the Posse back on 2-7) , these four side now have it all to do with 6 wins now looking like the play-off ticket number. The individual races are now also taking shape with outright favorites at the QB & RB positions will all to play for in the other offensive positions. Check out the updates in Title Watch come Saturday. Week 9 concludes the mid season stretch of 5 fixtures that are often overlooked for some of the more obviously consequential results in the home stretch. The fat lady might not be warming up yet… but she’s getting out of the cab and making her way into the theatre. 54 games down… 37 to go… and still 12 potential champions… it still could be YOU !!



 Steelers Buc Up As Braves Bomb

No style marks for Steelers QB Jameis Winston but he did throw 2 TD tosses.

Geronimo was a little late in getting his team lines in this week, so I  prompted him a little about his starting QB. He came back with Minshew ! Minshew ! Minshew !  I told him to take some Lempsip and sleep it off ….. apparently his whole team bar kicker Dan Bailey did the same as the Scunthorpe Steelers edged to within half a game of a single bye week berth with a dour 16-05 win over their out of sorts Divisional opponents !! Traditionally Apaches v Steelers match-ups are  some of the most competitive match-ups in the Bon Accord calendar but this one didn’t come anywhere close to filling that  bill. The Braves opened up on Thursday with a goose egg from ALFF debutant Deebo Samuel and that pretty much set the tone for the poorest Apaches haul since 2001 , their overall  2nd worst in franchise history. Minshew’s nul point at Wembley in the Sunday afternoon fixture signalled coach McGeachy senior was in trouble… and his side  barely improved from that point on with recently installed K Dan Bailey the only Brave to get on the board with a pair of XP’s and a 29 Yd FG. Top pick and All Bust shoe in Le’Veon Bell led an extended cast of big fat doughnut provider’s with perhaps most surprising,  a nada from RB Chris Carson and his supporting Seattle defence who could not turn the usual liberal dose of errors by direct opponent Jameis Winston( some forced , some not) into anything meaningful. Talking of Jameis, Vegas had highlighted the 2pt favourite Steelers over exposure to the Buc’s as something of a concern,  but in the event it wasn’t so much over exposure as “total exposure”… with  ironically their combined 16 Tampa flavoured points proving more than enough to see off the dismal Apaches. For the record Winston threw for 2 scores ( 15 and 5 yards) while kicker Matt Gay , making his ALFF debut as a bye replacement for Greg Zuerlein, posted a very healthy  and decimal 10pts courtesy of 4 XP’s and a pair of 40 plus yards FG’s. To be fair the Steelers were limited here with Adamski forced by injuries and bye’s to go with a rare 4WR set with the return of Davante Adams after a prolonged absence  part of an equation that saw promotion for Christian Kirk & Dallas Goedert. Unfortunately the Cheese-head,   like a throng of team-mates not dressed in Buc’s red made little or no impact. Not even talisman RB Aaron Jones could move the scoring needle on this occasion for coach Meek’s side. In the end none of that mattered too much in light of the Braves no show and Steelers 5th straight win in the series saw them improve to 8-1 with only something disastrous  capable of denying the Sowf London back-club a 2nd straight BA Div title. With the likes of Mahomes, Kamara & Zuerlein all slated to return soon there is nothing to suggest Scunny are anything but hot Bowl favorites at this point. The Apaches slide to 4-5 and this loss slams the Div Title door firmly shut for a 4th successive season. They now have a crucial Week 10 match-up against the Blades where the loser will likely face needing to win out to be sure of the play-offs. The bad news for Geacher The Elder is this was pretty much his first team with arguably only once change at RB that could be regarded as an upgrade. However if the Braves can keep within 1 game of the slumping 2 Minute Drillers,  a Week 12 clash with their old rivals could open a potential tie break back door. Adamski own the RSS 10-4.



Drillers Choke On Another Big Mac

Eight pointer No 3 as Rising RB  Christian McCaffrey goes 58 yards to paydirt.

There is a poem called "The Ship" by one Bishop Brent which contains the lines "...and I stand watching her till at last she fades on the horizon..." This poem is commonly used as a eulogy in funerals, and as the Scunthorpe Steelers sail of into the sunset,  the rest of the Bon Accord Division watch as their pennant hopes wither and die. The Steelers had an all to predictable victory over the hapless Apaches, so it was left to Coach Rickaby and his Drilling crew as the last man standing able to mount a challenge to Adamski. The Commish tho' had some selection problems for his inter divisional game against Coach Butters' Rising due to bye weeks and injuries, so there was a stramash of changes in his outfit this week.... in came former Apaches Jacoby Brissett and Joe Slye, wideouts Curtis Samuel and Amari Cooper both made their return and Jaylen Samuel made his first start of the season. .... and it all went a bit pear shaped guv, right from the off when Brissett hobbled off Heinz Field with an ankle strain early doors. I don't really think that the result would have been any different tho' as the new look Drillers struggled right from the start. Jamaal Williams had a meagre day at the office with a solitary receiving touchdown as had both Cooper and Samuel, from the forty five and the twelve respectively. It was left for the other Panther in The Commish's outfit  -and we'll come back to the Panthers very shortly-Joe Slye to try to put a better sheen on the proceedings with trio of extra points and one field goal. Fifteen points in total and that was NEVER going to be enough against the high scoring Wellington Rising. Now the faux  Peter King said last week that the Rising needed to treat every game on the stretch as a must win, and with the CalX, the Gryphons and the Apaches all coming soon -they have a combined 9-18  record- they should get at least another three victories, but the biggest hurdle will be the Steelers on week 12, because even if the Boots DO manage to beat the three mentioned teams, I'm not sure if a 6-7 record will be enough. Maybesaye, maybesnaw. Anyway all that would have been no more than puff'n'stuff if Coach Darren didn't take care of business against the Drillers, but hey you know that he did, and with some style and conviction too. So let's go back to the The Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte and Chris McCaffrey....what a game he had..... 166 yards combined including one TD from fifty eight yards out and a total of seventeen fantasy points. The rest of the Boots could have had the day off, but the much maligned (usually by me it must be said) Kirk Cousins had three touchdown tosses, 49ers Tight End George Kittle snared one from the thirty and Josh Lambo had a field goal. Final score 2 Minute Drillers 15 @ 32 Wellington Rising. As I have said the Boots have Caledonia Express up next in a street of must win games, but what about the Drillers? In the words of Coach Rickaby it leaves them "scrambling to make a wildcard", and Jimbo has now lost three on the bounce for the first time since 2015. The Drillers quest for that wildcard begins next week against the Killers who are also 5-4, then they have the Broch Bobcats... for what its worth I think that both the Kilers and the Drillers have enough in the tank to get to the playoffs.  Here's my take on the "Home For Xmas" teams. The figures in parenthesis are the combined record of the teams they have to face in the final four weeks of the season.  We're doomed, Captain Mainwaring: Garthdee Gryphons (19-17), Argyll Apaches (23-13). Permission to panic: CalX (15-21.... Coach Marty COULD win all four remaining games y'know). Helplessly Hoping: Wellington Rising (17-19). Clean Underpants please, Matron: JL8 (17-19). Westburn Blades: (14-22) SHOULD be safe, but if they lose to the Apaches, they too will be rummaging in the undercracker drawer.  Till next week, ciao.



 B(o)atman/Joker Cruises To Narrow (sic) Win


Josh Jacobs scores his 2nd TD of the game for the Dolphins.

Week 9 of ALFF 2019 and a certain head coach decided to go and play pirates to ease the tension on his ancient bones and ordinarily I would make no comment on this but his trip did coincide with the Miami Dolphins first win of the season so he must share some of the blame for that aberration! Coach Compost may well be at sea but his franchise is not in the same boat as they are still in competition for a play-off spot. In fact the absence of Coach Compost was incredibly well received at our monthly curry club evening as there was no squabble amongst the throng about who was going to sit next to the Arnhall hoover; he may be built like a rake but do not get between him and food unless you are wearing chainmail. (He’d probably have a chew on that too on the grounds that he’d not tried it before and it was available)!  To the team lines then and our intrepid Compost put a hold on his wanderlust long enough to make the one change to the Arnhall Dolphins, namely the return of Ezekiel Elliot at RB – a man that seems inordinately proud of the fact that he knows how to use a spoon; oh well, he is an American and consequently easily pleased. Meanwhile down (Martin) Buchan way, the Bobcats have been having a bit of a stroll in this their inaugural ALFF season and have lost only one of their eight fixtures thus far and having posted a win against the Arnhall side (28 – 11 in week 2) the sweep was on. Coach Rudi was unlikely to alter a winning formula to any great degree and so it proved, the sole change being the inclusion of WR Randall Cobb for the bye week affected Austin Hooper. The QB battle was an awkward one for the Arnhall head honcho as his Derek Carr was against his former real world starter Ryan Tannehill; in the end his former bromance went out the window as a win in the ALFF would trump all previous considerations. In the end the result of this head to head was a tad surprising, the Raiders Carr had a 2 TD 6 point outing which was bested by the Texans Tannehill who threw for 3 TD’s and 9 points. (“Far be it from me to suggest that the improvement in the latter’s situation could be attributed to the distance he’s put between himself and QB horse’s ass Adam Gase” said Sam Darnold when asked for his opinion). Despite the lofty heights thus far achieved by the Bobcats even they wouldn’t have put themselves as favourites in the RB contest as the Arnhall side have 2 of the elite RB’s in the game but the Buchan duo of Austin Ekeler and Philip Lyndsay performed credibly enough to keep the contest alive; the latter having a TD run whilst the former couldn’t replicate this feat and achieved the dreaded goose egg. The Arnhall tandem of Spoon Boy and Josh Jacobs did out perform their opponents but not by as much as Coach Compost would’ve hoped; the former went hungry while the latter had a 2 TD 12 point night. An 18 – 15 lead for the travellin’ man was less than the Arnhall franchise would’ve hoped for at this point in the proceedings and may have brought on ye olde squeaky bum time – no I’m not going to make a cheap comment involving Coach Compost and the curry club at this juncture! Coach Rudi Boy must’ve fancied his chances of the sweep with only a 3 point deficit at this stage and the strength of his opponents side spent. The WR battle would go a long way to deciding this contest and the Buchan side were optimistic about the potential returns from Golden Tate and the dynamic sleuthing duo of Randall (Cobb) and (De’Andre) Hopkins. Alas the optimism was misplaced and only the latter found the end zone and only the once to boot; goose eggs for Cobb and Tate and 3 points for Hopkins meant that the scores were level before the Arnhall triplets took centre stage. O J Howard and Jimmy Graham may well have joined Compost on his travels for all that they contributed to the tally but Emanuel Sanders of the Nile did manage a single TD to give the Arnhall side a narrow 3 point advantage at 21 – 18. With neither defence troubling the scorers this contest would be decided, as they so often are, by the kickers. Bobcats kicker Jason Myers left Coach Rudi Taylor rather underwhelmed with his 8 point outing and he must’ve felt that the writing was on the wall with just a 5 point lead and Matt Prater still to come for the Arnhall side. The stolid and reliable Prater did his Coach proud with a less than spectacular 6 point night to help the Anrhall Dolphins to a 27 – 26 victory and avoid Sooty’s girlfriend! You know that phrase from that children’s film franchise “May the fours be with you?” well as it happens it applies here as the Dolphins are now on a 4 game winning streak whilst the Bobcats just had their own four win streak (1st Divisional loss) terminated by this result. Coach Compost and his franchise move to 5 – 4 and are the current in-form side in the ALFF - so clearly cruising hasn’t hindered him or his side! Coach Rudi missed the chance to clinch the Divisional title and is showing signs of slowing down what with recent scores in the low to mid 20’s but he is still 2 games clear of the field and with a 3 – 1 Divisional record he’s still a firm favourite to make the post season bun fight at the first attempt. The RSS sits at 1 apiece.



 Ronnie Raven As Champs Gets A Butker Kicking

Harrison Butker boots one of his 4 FG's for the Killers.

Coach McGeachy Jnr got back on the winning horse in a big way as the Kincorth Killers stayed alive in the Granite Division race and simultaneously established themselves a bona fide Points Title contenders with an impressive 43-29 win over the frustrated JL8. Had the defending champions not made the tactical decision to bench talisman QB Lamar Jackson … then this one would have been a lot more exciting including a  MNF comeback …… but they did … and it didn’t. The Special K’s victory was very much a case of a team performance, which has certainly  been the theme in recent weeks as they have amassed 130pts in just 3 outings and re-established themselves as candidates for a single bye week, with just a hint they are back in the GDiv title race should the Bobcats stumble further in the weeks ahead. Top performer was kicker Harrison Butker who’s 16pt effort included 4 FG’s (one from 54 yard) and 2 XP’s that put the specialist in a great spot to retain his ALFF Kicking Title  but he was more than ably supported by every other department. RB Justin Howard a replacement for byeing Joe Mixon did his bit for the No 4 ranked running unit with a 13 yard TD scamper as Dalvin Cook had a rare blank evening while recently on fire WR duo Mike Evans ( No 2 WR on my draft board !) and Marvin Jones chipped in with a short yardage TD grab apiece. Even Andrew’s Baltimore D, fresh from their week on the sidelines, scored a rare v New England success by taking a Juilian Edelman  fumble 70 yards to paydirt. By the time Dak Prescott came back from his bye to take the field on Monday at Jerryworld,  the Kinkers outfit had already bagged the W at 34-29 ahead , so the passer’s late treble was all about closing the gap on the Rising in the ALFF Points Title scramble. Going back to  mention of the Pat’s @ Baltimore…. well that’s where it went all awry for the defending champions. Coach Cruickshank side largely matched their opponents blow for blow but crucially not at QB where the the Doomster’s made the not too unreasonable assumption that Billacheat would come up with a gameplan to stifle Lamar Jackson and opted for Sam Darnold , who was matched up against the Miami Dolphins. Sadly Telegram (pass)  Sam had something of a nightmare as he played out “Sh*tshow the Rematch”,   his single 12 yard TD his only highlight in another lacklustre contribution. Otherwise it was a very respectable outing for the win desperate occupants of the Funeral Parlour. RB Derrick Henry enjoyed his best outing since Wk 1 with 9pts off an 8 yard TD run and 23 yard receiving counter,  while WR D K Metcalf proved he is an emerging talent with his 2nd straight 6pt or better input. This weeks’ came with a partial 2 Pt attempt “add on” to bolster his tally to 7pts. Newly acquired kicker Nick Folk had a solid opening outing in JL8 battledress hitting a bang on average 8pts courtesy of an equal measure of 2  FG’s & PAT’s with Ronnie’s Jets defence solitary safety ( his first defensive points of the season) at least providing some of the Miami based bounty the Doomster’s had game-planned on getting. Unfortunately for Crackshot a healthy 29pts was not enough on the day. The Killers improve to 5-4 and now face a Week 10 match-up against the fading 2 Minute Drillers (also 5-4) where a 6-4 record will put the winner centre stage for a possible single bye week berth if they can kick on down the home straight… but coach McGeachy Jnr will not have thrown in the towel yet on his GDiv hopes… needing to claw one game back on the leading Broch Bobcats in te next here weeks to set up a possible Week 13 title showdown if he can keep it alive until then. Rumour has it that JL8 tea set got some basic flight training regards the Lamar Jackson selection… and while this was by no means a poor performance , a 3-6 record cannot hide the fact the champions are not in a play-off berth and with only 4 weeks to find the probable 3 wins it will take to get them  there. With 2 current Div leaders in those 4 fixtures it might be a tall order for coach Cruickshank to avoid becoming the first champs since the 2013 Apaches to fail to make the post season as defending League champions. The Killers 2nd  season sweep in the last three 3 seasons gives Andrew a 13-9 lead in the RSS between the two coaches.



 Brett Bounces Birds In Bay Bowl

Ten Kyler Murray points on Thursday helped keep the Posse's season alive.

San Francisco has a storied history that amongst other things features the  1848/9 Gold Rush , the 1906 Earthquake ( and Great Fire) & the 1967 Summer Of Love… and now Bagdhad By The Bay can proudly boast the hosting of Garioch Bowl 46. I can’t wait for the merchandise !!  Recent versions of the League’s second most played fixture in the latter part of the season have sadly all too often been billed as effective elimination Bowls, but this time round there was certainly a little more positivity around, at least on the 3-5 Gryphons side of the ball. So let me paint the picture.. if you don’t find it to disturbing. Our modern day Klondyker’s had made their way to a bar in the Wharf area Thursday night having over consumed on Ghirardelli chocolate and other local delicacies with a view to repeating the whole exercise with the local brew as the main intake. Showing on the multiple television screens is the TNF offering featuring the 49er’s on the road at the Cardinals some 750 miles to the south East and as luck would have it … the game featured a huge head to head between the respective QB’s Kyler Murray and Jimmy Garroppollo… AND respective RB’s Ryan Mostert and Birds Week 8 hero Tevin Coleman. With both ball carriers held scoreless it looked as if the evening was going all Donny’s way with 4 Jimmy G TD’ s tosses.. (30 , 7, 1, and 21 yard respectively) to  a single Kyler Murray 9 yard mark… but deep into the 4th quarter the rookie passer connected on an 88 yard counter and made that effectively a 7pt play by adding his “half” of the subsequent successful 2pt attempt. I’m sure none of this was “received” quietly in San Francisco and the confusion amongst the locals could only have been heightened by the fact  1) Donny was surely and  proudly sporting his Washington Nationals gear… and 2)  their failure to understand the language being spoken by the well embibed Flying Garioch Brothers was actually some derivation of English. So…. 12-10 to the Gryphons  and the ALFF pundits though that might just be the Bayler’s winning margin… thanks to a that No 1 ranked WR corps although they did caveat that a smidgeon by offering  it could come down to who has their kicking boots on... Piniero or Maher. As it turned out… that was very much how the script unfolded… although it was underdog Posse who came through in the end. After the TNF fireworks the Sunday action was a little less frenetic … or in the Posse’s case just non existent. Nick Chubb completed a double blank for Marty’s running combo and it was polo mints all round for a WR corps , comprising Juju Smith-Schuster, Philip Dorsett and Mecole Hardman, that features amongst the lower ranked in the League. It seemed for a while that for once the Crimson One’s highly touted pass catching unit may follow suit with the nada’s but while Adam Thielen may have been short of 100% with his dodgy hamstring the equally productive Kenny Golloday ultimately came through with a 59 yard TD. At this stage an average score from K Eddy Piniero would have sealed the deal for Garioch the Elder … BUT……. the Birds kicking game has truly been their Achilles Heel this term and so it proved again. Piniero managed just the two XP’s to put the Gryphons 20-10 ahead ….. leaving last man out, the Posse’s Brett Maher,  a little bit of light on Monday night at Jerryworld. An early 35 Yard FG cranked up the tension in whatever the bar the Bros had camped out in on Monday night but with just 52 seconds to half time and the kicker connecting on an extra point it looked as if Marty still had an awful lot to do, to claw this back and possibly safe his season. A lot that is until Westburn Blades back-up Daniel Jones inserted himself in proceedings in those final Q2 seconds and  threw an ill advised pick. Three plays later Maher booted a 52 Yd FG (as time expired) and with a half still to play the Express had closed to 19-20. Minutes into the 3Q another Jones turnover handed the Posse K another FG opportunity and Maher gleefully booted over a 28 yard FG that clinched the win for an elated Marty. 3 subsequent XP’s gave the final score it’s 25-20 look. The win lifts the Express to 2-7 and keeps Marty’s slender post season hopes alive but perhaps more dramatically his comeback success prevented the Birds from moving the final “live” wildcard berth to within 1 game of as many as 6 other sides and I would as far to say that this single result is likely to result in 6-7 being good enough for December participation. In the cold light of day once the assortment of empty glasses were cleared away from under Ghirardelli wrapper mountain, both side still have it all to do as we head down the home stretch. The Bayler is only one game out of contention but with the Bobcats & high scoring Rising up next it really is now or never for the Gryphons if they are to end a 5 year post season famine. Marty is already in play-off mode with one more loss almost sure to end his chances… but at  least he has avoided what would have been a franchise first 1 win campaign. A first season split since 2015 gives Donny a 24-21 edge in the RSS.



Lions Put A Lockett On Pittodrie Pennant

Wide-out Tyler Lockett pulls in a 19 yard TD catch for the Lions.

Being asked to report on your own team after a crucial loss is really unpleasant. Some might even call it “torturous”. Did I do something to offend? Well, I wish to plead innocence in the case of “who shat in Da Commish’s Frosties?!”. Coach Jamesie rung the changes for the Lions this week. He had seen enough of Leonard “Inept” to bring in Marlon Mack, DeSean Jackson returned at wideout to provide some spark (didn’t really work out though, as now he’s on IR), the Eagles D was given the nod and Justin Tucker was reinstated at kicker after his bye week. So yeah, allow me to give you an insight into the decisions which resulted in the Blades hot-garbage performance of week 9. Some pre-game flip-floppin’ saw Jeff Wilson go from being cut to going straight into the line-up – a move which, had it not been for a valiant Cardinals goalline stand, nearly paid off… but now he’s probably going to be cut again. Mark Ingram returned at RB after his bye but had to watch as Gus “The Bus” and Action Jackson posted three short-range rushing scores while he just piled up the pointless yardage. Stefon Diggs did his weekly standard of not scoring whenever he is in the line-up, aaaaaaaaaaaand now I’ve definitely crossed the border into Bittersville. All of Westburns 11 points came early on as Zane Gonzalez put up a paltry 5 point effort and DeShaun Watson could only post a pair of short range TD tosses (after being ruled out at the half yard line on a rushing score for one). With the tui eggs piling up in Mt Victoria, there was still hope of a low-score win. When Aaron Rodgers was held to a garbage time TD and a 2 pointer, there was still some hope, but the Lions swiftly smacked that from the Blades minds with some big time catches from Tyler Lockett, including two TD receptions, before Mo Sanu’s 3 pointer and Justin Tucker’s 7 point showing took the contest beyond any doubt. The Blades have felt hard done by for much of this season, including the 26-24 loss to the Lions earlier in the season, but they were not in the same ball park in this one. James’ side move to 5-4 with the outright division lead and is closing in on his first division title since 2016 and are looking really good value for the penant. The Blades are left reeling again as they drop to 4-5, but are still hopeful that their playmakers will pull them into the playoffs. The Lions have now beaten Bothwell’s charges twice this year to effectively put themselves 2 games ahead with the tie breaker and have won 4 straight against the Westburn side to take the RSS to 6-4.




Sleeper of the Week

If there was any justice coach Cruickshank should feature here for omitting QB Lamar Jackson but his net -12pts would still not have got the champions over the line against the Killers. So.... we switch Division's if not positions to coach Bothwell Jnr and the Blades. Stuie lost a HUGE inter div contest to the Lions by 10pts while getting a moderate 6pts out of QB Champion elect Desean Watson. Meanwhile back-up Russell Wilson posted an unclaimed 19(3) pts... a net - 13pts that would could have put Stuie in command of the Pittodrie Div... not to mention how different the QB leader board would look if both changes had been made. A real good and proper SOW for coach Kiwi and QB Russell Wilson.



Player of the Week

Three players stood out head and shoulders above the rest this week, with game winning performances with two actually qualifying as season saving ones. It's easy to get blasé about players performing to  a very high standard though  .. so with that in mind and the fact he's not a kicker  ... and despite he's freeking Black Cat... AND he stuffed yours truly royally... the Risings Christian McCaffrey is the Week 9 Player of the Week. His 17(2)pt performance was made up of three scores ...all of which are etched in my brain... so you can just go look them up... if you really want to know !!



Play of the Week

It's him again... 58 yards largely untouched until the last 5 yards... it's Christian McCaffrey's 58 yard TD run... his 3rd 8pointer of the season ... so far.









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